Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sooo Much To Do!

I woke up this morning to my alarm going off at 7:30am and then Grant jumping up and saying what time is it! I looked at him like he was crazy and said 7:30 and he jumped up and said I am late! Then he yelled at me (not really yelled but seemed annoyed) that I should have set my alarm for earlier because he left his phone(alarm) at work! I just said how the the whole wide world was I suppose to know to set my alarm for you to wake up? I think he was just mad cause now he has to rush and was late. I was perfectly on time for my swim class! I wouldn't miss that for the anything.
The Pool I swim at from the out side
I love swimming it reminds me of high school the only part that I liked about high school. Anyways I felt super sluggish when I was swimming, it felt like I was dragging someone behind me! I have a feeling its because I ate too soon before class, I think next time I will get up really early and eat, because if I don't eat I won't make it through.
The people I swim with are all really nice too! Its cool to meet people who like something that you do to, who knows maybe we will become friends.
Picture of me right after swim!
After swim I decided to cut some small roses that are in our front yard, when I brought them in the kitchen and set them down a cockroach goes flying out of one of the roses! I jumped back realizing that I was just holding them and something could have easily gone on my sweatshirt so I quickly ripped off my shirt! The neighbors must think I am nuts standing in the kitchen shirtless thank god no one was home. About 5 minutes later I cleaned a really large plastic container that we will use this weekend to move and a dirty lunch box. While cleaning the containers guess what I encounter? 2 spiders! The first one I noticed in front of me about a foot, so no problem there, but then as I am hosing the stupid lunch bag guess what I see? a huge thick spider is on the bag I am holding! I calmly set the bag down near some plants and then I got a stick and flicked the bag till the spider crawled onto a near by leaf. I really feel like I am the only one who deals with this, maybe its because I am the only one always cleaning around here.
Until now I have been packing all our clothes that we won't use until after the move in the luggage that I came here with. I am happy I spent the time today to pre pack because we really do have a ton of stuff! I think Friday night we will move all the stuff that is easy like clothes, shoes, kitchen stuff, anything small.
Yesterday from about 5 till 9pm Grant and I went to his dad's house and cut and sanded and painted the wood that we are making our wardrobe out of. We still aren't done! The wood needs another coat of paint and we then have to assemble it.
That is a pic of the wood and our really ugly but cheap couch, I already got a couch cover!
Tomorrow I am going to meet up with the family I will nanny for just to get to know the kids, should be fun!


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