Thursday, October 8, 2009


Oh how I love swimming! This morning was my swim class and I just love it so much! Besides getting a great work out, and meeting new people, I just like the way I feel after the class, kinda like I am really tired and worn out and healthy. The other thing that I have realized when in the dressing room changing is that I am normal! Not that I try to look at the naked women in there I actually try my hardest not to but it is good to know that what you see on tv is wrong! Most people have normal bodies not bony thin with huge fake boobs!

Today is our last day of full on living in this house! Tonight we are going to move a few things and then Saturday we are moving the rest. We will be sleeping Saturday night in the car out at Mel's place and then Sunday we will be fully moved into our new place yay!

Side note: Saturday night Mel is having a party for Craig's b-day and we plan on drinking and not driving so we will sleep on the air mattress in our car, its actually really comfortable and fun, Like camping! And in the morning we will have a breakfast with everyone!

Yesterday I went to my new nanny job and got to know the kids (very cute) and they seemed to like me too, which was great! I have a feeling that this job will be a lot of fun!


Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to Saturday night, maybe I'll get to have that margarita with you!


beeswax said...

You guys are going to have fun on Saturday, I'm jealous. Have a margarita for me! Happy Birthday to Craig.

Lacey said...

sounds like fun! im glad you explained the car sleeping thing cuz i was wondering why you were doing that haha.

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