Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Festival of Summer

Saturday we went to the Grey Lynn Festival.
There was live music and booths to get food and buy crafts and random things. We just listened to the music and had a few beers. After the Festival we drove to Alina's house and she had a BBQ.

oh yead mid party it started to rain so that is why I have my hood on

acting crazy!

By the time we left Alina's I had a huge stomach ache and I have not clue why but it wasn't from drinking. This morning my stomach was fine so who knows maybe it was some of the food I ate at the festival? Today we went shopping for a few kitchen things and looked for a kitchen table and decided that Grant will make us one yay!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanks Giving!

Happy Thanks Giving Everyone!
I thought I would put up some pictures of everyone that I am thankful for to have in my life!
There are many more people that I am thankful to have in my life, but sadly I don't have pictures of you all, but you know who you are!

I am Thankful to be and have:
  • Healthy
  • Happy
  • Have a place to live and food to eat
  • Have a great family
  • Have a great boyfriend
  • Have a job
  • Have great friends
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Have some sort of talent
  • Have patience
  • Have drive and perseverance
  • Have a working car and computer

The list can go on forever so I am stopping here, but I miss everyone and wish I could be home eating turkey and all the other yummy food.

Thankful for my mom

Thankful for family and friends

Thankful for this funny guy (always making me laugh)

Thankful for all these weirdos, yes you!
Thankful for Mel, Ruby and Craig in the back!
Thankful for this cute family

Thankful that Grant will drive me around and look for pointless things in thrift stores if I make a big enough stink!
Thankful to eat this huge desert, literally till I almost puked!

Thankful for my 2 friends in NZ without you I would have no one to go out with!
Thankful that the fashion has changed and that now we can pick out our own clothes.

Thankful for this group of loud people

Thankful for this little ball of fluff.
Thankful for for this little munchkin

Thankful for my great dad
Thankful for great college roommates

Thankful for my best friend Andrea
Thankful for Amanda and her little boy Ryder!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Days Off

Wednesday was beautiful, warm and sunny. While nannying we went to Grey Lynn park and scooted on the scooter.

After work I met Grant at Matt and Crockett's house (formally our house). It was the one year anniversary of Matt buying the spear shop he now owns and runs. We hung out there and had a beer and ate some take away. Nothing new is happening over there, same old same old!
Below Matt is showing off the big snapper he caught a few days ago.

This morning I got a little sad because it is Thanks giving at home tomorrow and I am missing all the fun, food, and traditional things we normally do. I asked Grant if we could maybe go to his dad's and make a roast or something but it turns out his dad is going out of town. So today (nz thanksgiving day) and tomorrow (USA Thanksgiving day) we won't do anything hahhahaha.
Oh Well.
This morning I took out all of my summer clothes and packed away all of my real wintery clothes. Its like having a whole new wardrobe.

I have so many clothes. I put 2 extremely old bathing suits, an ugly dress, a striped shirt, 2 balled up sweaters, a belt, and a book in the pile for the good will.
I don't know why I hang on to some of this stuff that either I never wear or I wear but shouldn't because it is so worn out and ugly!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just keep Swimming

This morning I went to my swim class and for the first 15 minutes no one was there, but the days work out was up so I just started swimming. Then everyone showed up and said that the class will now start at 9:15 oh well I was the first one done so that was good.

Also this morning my new phone arrived and I love it!

This morning I also had to kill this giant cock roach! Thank god I have a huge can of bug spray! Bugs beware! I called Grant and said when you get home you have to clean up the dead cock roach in the corner of the room. He was surprised that the spray killed it, but I said it is defiantly dead cause it was white with spray!

Yesterday while Sybilla was taking her nap I was able to finish reading the book, The Art Of Racing In The Rain. What a great book, my dad had recommended it to me and a friend had recommended it to him. If I saw this book on the shelf I would probably have never grabbed it because while I read a lot I normally read novels about girls and there troubles or people traveling or god knows what but mainly a lot of fluff, unless a good book is recommended.

It is also great to have someone tell you a book is good so that way you know you won't waste your time and you get to read something you normally wouldn't.

This book is worth getting and reading, it went by super fast cause I couldn't stand not knowing what was going to happen next! And the best part is the book is written from a dogs point of view!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

First Aid

Saturday morning I went to my first aid class. I was the first one there cause they changed the time by 30 min and didn't tell me and a few others ahhahaha oh well better early then late.
I spent some time taking pictures in my car of the location.

After the class where I only thought I might faint twice from gross pictures, I met Alina in town. We went to some art gallery openings at the college and had an awesome time. I stopped by this Christmas window display for a quick picture!
It was great to catch up with Alina Too!
The art was interesting but the party was what it seemed to be all about. They had free booze and snacks and a DJ, Pretty cool! I didn't have any of it and I had a huge head ache by the time I was driving home. I didn't even go out with Grant when we were invited to hang out at a friends house.
I woke up this morning and still have the head ache it is in my neck and back also! Awful its like a throbbing that won't stop!
Oh well off to watch Sybilla!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Already Friday!

The weeks just fly by! I still have not taken any pictures since my last post, sorry just words again. Tuesday and Wednesday I worked nannying and Thursday I looked for new phones at the mall. After looking at the deals in the mall compared to the deals online I decided that ordering the phone online was a way better deal. The same exact phone was a 30 dollar difference!

Today I started my get in shape plan for summer! I am back to healthy eating and working out. I got up and did my swim class this morning, came home and organized stuff, and decided to go apply for my Driver licence conversion to a NZ licence. It turns out that I have to have a letter from the DMV saying that I have had my licence for more then two years. The letter that I bought from the DMV that says I have no record and the letter from my driving insurance saying I have been driving since 2000 is not enough I guess!

I now am going to have to contact the DMV and get another letter, and we all know how much fun dealing with the DMV is!
In other news Anna is going to be coming back to NZ and I have just talked to her via facebook and she told me that she will be living about 2 hours from Wellington. Hopefully once she is settled in I can fly over and visit her for a few days.
Tomorrow I have a first aid class till 4 and then the plan is to meet Alina in town and go to an art opening. Sunday is watching Sybilla all day and hopefully going to some open home showings just to see what is out there.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Big Update

Hello everyone!
Today is Monday here and it just happens to be one of my days off. I got up this morning and decided that I would put in a load of laundry before I went to my swim class(which I have not gone to in ages because my parents visited then I got sick) and then when I got home it would be ready to hang outside. Well after my tiring one hour swim class I come home to hang the laundry and am surprised to see that there is a small amount of flooding! I guess the sink the water drains into had a sock in it that blocked the plug! Unbelievable! I had to move everything and mop the whole area up and then hang everything that got soaked and then hang the laundry so something that should have taken 10 minutes took close to 45! I guess that is life nothing ever goes as planned.

Another change that I have decided to make is I am no longer going to work for Hue (the hair color place). The job turned out to be less hours then I need and I was reminded that I don't like working on Saturday especially in the summer and when I am not getting paid enough to make it worth my time. The third thing that was the final reason that I decided that it will never work is just the fact that all the girls that work there are very gossipy and back stabbers, constantly blaming each other for everything that goes wrong and constantly complaining in general. All of them acted like it was a huge inconvenience to be at work and when a client would be booked for them they would complain that they would not be able to leave early and all I could think was THIS IS YOUR JOB ahhahahahahhaha.

So my plan is to find another nanny position that will fill up a few more of the week days and then work on my art in my free time. Since taking the hue job, extra babysitting(which I need and like doing), being sick, and my parents visit, I had no time for art, but now I am better and going to really make time!

Grant and I are going to try to eat at home all this week and he is going to take his lunch in an attempt to save some money, so we will see how it turns out.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and I didn't even know! Well at least I didn't put the superstition on the day, it just passed like any other day. I went out to Mel's and got a hair cut and it came out great! She also had some cups she was getting rid of and asked if I could use them, the answer was yes yes yes, we will take anything we can use! Thanks Mel!
Last night we went to Grant's Friends house Sarah and Dave and had some wine and talked, all the guys that use to hang out at our place were there and it was a great reminder of how much happier I am to have moved out! Yay!
Today I am working all day at Hue and then babysitting at night. Hope everyone has a good weekend=)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Tuesday while working as a nanny we went to the ZOO! It was a really nice day and all the animals were having a great time, including the two I look after!

Last night after working again Grant and I met Alina and Tom in town at a bar to play quiz night. Most bars on week days have a quiz night where you have rounds of questions to answer and the team with the most points at the end wins a bar tab. We came in third and won a 25 dollar tab at the bar. It lasted about 2 minutes hahahhaha.
It was also Toms last night before he went to visit his family for 2 weeks in the Czech Republic.

Today I work at Hue, but thankfully not till 4pm. This morning was a little bit of a struggle, Grant was running late for work, but became really late when we could not find his keys! Thank goodness they were spotted under the bed by me, weird how easily things like keys get misplaced hahhaha.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my dad!
And to Anna! They share the same special day. Hope you do something fun!

I am just starting a new work week and hoping it all goes smoothly!
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