Thursday, November 19, 2009

Already Friday!

The weeks just fly by! I still have not taken any pictures since my last post, sorry just words again. Tuesday and Wednesday I worked nannying and Thursday I looked for new phones at the mall. After looking at the deals in the mall compared to the deals online I decided that ordering the phone online was a way better deal. The same exact phone was a 30 dollar difference!

Today I started my get in shape plan for summer! I am back to healthy eating and working out. I got up and did my swim class this morning, came home and organized stuff, and decided to go apply for my Driver licence conversion to a NZ licence. It turns out that I have to have a letter from the DMV saying that I have had my licence for more then two years. The letter that I bought from the DMV that says I have no record and the letter from my driving insurance saying I have been driving since 2000 is not enough I guess!

I now am going to have to contact the DMV and get another letter, and we all know how much fun dealing with the DMV is!
In other news Anna is going to be coming back to NZ and I have just talked to her via facebook and she told me that she will be living about 2 hours from Wellington. Hopefully once she is settled in I can fly over and visit her for a few days.
Tomorrow I have a first aid class till 4 and then the plan is to meet Alina in town and go to an art opening. Sunday is watching Sybilla all day and hopefully going to some open home showings just to see what is out there.


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