Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Days Off

Wednesday was beautiful, warm and sunny. While nannying we went to Grey Lynn park and scooted on the scooter.

After work I met Grant at Matt and Crockett's house (formally our house). It was the one year anniversary of Matt buying the spear shop he now owns and runs. We hung out there and had a beer and ate some take away. Nothing new is happening over there, same old same old!
Below Matt is showing off the big snapper he caught a few days ago.

This morning I got a little sad because it is Thanks giving at home tomorrow and I am missing all the fun, food, and traditional things we normally do. I asked Grant if we could maybe go to his dad's and make a roast or something but it turns out his dad is going out of town. So today (nz thanksgiving day) and tomorrow (USA Thanksgiving day) we won't do anything hahhahaha.
Oh Well.
This morning I took out all of my summer clothes and packed away all of my real wintery clothes. Its like having a whole new wardrobe.

I have so many clothes. I put 2 extremely old bathing suits, an ugly dress, a striped shirt, 2 balled up sweaters, a belt, and a book in the pile for the good will.
I don't know why I hang on to some of this stuff that either I never wear or I wear but shouldn't because it is so worn out and ugly!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have a Margarita!! I bought a slushi mix yesterday, I can't wait to try it all you do is add tequila, mix thoroughly and put it in the freezer for 8 hours, instant Margarita, no blender or ice required, you even get rimmng salts! Hope it tastes ok!
I love reading your blog Shannon, keep up the good work :)

Take care

Anonymous said...

Nice Snapper!

Love ya'...


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