Saturday, November 21, 2009

First Aid

Saturday morning I went to my first aid class. I was the first one there cause they changed the time by 30 min and didn't tell me and a few others ahhahaha oh well better early then late.
I spent some time taking pictures in my car of the location.

After the class where I only thought I might faint twice from gross pictures, I met Alina in town. We went to some art gallery openings at the college and had an awesome time. I stopped by this Christmas window display for a quick picture!
It was great to catch up with Alina Too!
The art was interesting but the party was what it seemed to be all about. They had free booze and snacks and a DJ, Pretty cool! I didn't have any of it and I had a huge head ache by the time I was driving home. I didn't even go out with Grant when we were invited to hang out at a friends house.
I woke up this morning and still have the head ache it is in my neck and back also! Awful its like a throbbing that won't stop!
Oh well off to watch Sybilla!


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