Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Festival of Summer

Saturday we went to the Grey Lynn Festival.
There was live music and booths to get food and buy crafts and random things. We just listened to the music and had a few beers. After the Festival we drove to Alina's house and she had a BBQ.

oh yead mid party it started to rain so that is why I have my hood on

acting crazy!

By the time we left Alina's I had a huge stomach ache and I have not clue why but it wasn't from drinking. This morning my stomach was fine so who knows maybe it was some of the food I ate at the festival? Today we went shopping for a few kitchen things and looked for a kitchen table and decided that Grant will make us one yay!


beeswax said...

I'm glad you're having some fun.
Love, MOM

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