Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and I didn't even know! Well at least I didn't put the superstition on the day, it just passed like any other day. I went out to Mel's and got a hair cut and it came out great! She also had some cups she was getting rid of and asked if I could use them, the answer was yes yes yes, we will take anything we can use! Thanks Mel!
Last night we went to Grant's Friends house Sarah and Dave and had some wine and talked, all the guys that use to hang out at our place were there and it was a great reminder of how much happier I am to have moved out! Yay!
Today I am working all day at Hue and then babysitting at night. Hope everyone has a good weekend=)


beeswax said...

Good coffee mugs. Mel, good job on Shannon's hair, it always looks so nice when you cut it.

We sure had a nice time at your place and Ruby is so cute. Thanks for having us.

This has turned into a message to Mel.
Hi Shannon, too.
Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I enjoy cutting Shannons hair, it's always a good excuse for a catch up too!

It was great having you all here, and don't worry you can return the favour next year - at your place!

Shannon said you will be able to tell me where to shop and Craig is joking about leaving me with you while he holidays around that big country you live in.

I am sooo excited!

Hi Shannon :)

Take care

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