Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just keep Swimming

This morning I went to my swim class and for the first 15 minutes no one was there, but the days work out was up so I just started swimming. Then everyone showed up and said that the class will now start at 9:15 oh well I was the first one done so that was good.

Also this morning my new phone arrived and I love it!

This morning I also had to kill this giant cock roach! Thank god I have a huge can of bug spray! Bugs beware! I called Grant and said when you get home you have to clean up the dead cock roach in the corner of the room. He was surprised that the spray killed it, but I said it is defiantly dead cause it was white with spray!

Yesterday while Sybilla was taking her nap I was able to finish reading the book, The Art Of Racing In The Rain. What a great book, my dad had recommended it to me and a friend had recommended it to him. If I saw this book on the shelf I would probably have never grabbed it because while I read a lot I normally read novels about girls and there troubles or people traveling or god knows what but mainly a lot of fluff, unless a good book is recommended.

It is also great to have someone tell you a book is good so that way you know you won't waste your time and you get to read something you normally wouldn't.

This book is worth getting and reading, it went by super fast cause I couldn't stand not knowing what was going to happen next! And the best part is the book is written from a dogs point of view!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you read the book. It's the best novel I've read in the last 20 or 30 years. I knew you'd have as hard a time putting it down as I did.

Love ya'...


beeswax said...

You can start your own pest control service down there. After you smash the bug, then you can use your first-aid on it and fix it.
Your headache may have been from the book/crying. Sometimes if I get all choked up I get a major headache.
I miss you, especially this upcoming Friday, "Drunks on a Train".
Love MOM

Anonymous said...

I googled the book and read the write up and saw a short video on it, it sounds like something I am going to have to read! Recommendations are the best way to go!

Yuck!! I haven't seen a cockroach yet but I'm sure one day I am going to cross paths with one. I have bug spray in most rooms!! If there is one thing I'm scared of it's BUGS!! Especially jumping, flying bugs and they all seem to come out in summer (at least most the spiders are outside now 'cos it's warmer) :)

Take Care

Lacey said...

good bug killing skills! Im gonna have to look into that book =)

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