Saturday, November 7, 2009


Thursday was Guy Fawkes Day and everyone can buy fire works and set them off in the street. The bad part for me was I was baby sitting for my nanny kids and was super worried that they might wake up! Thankfully they slept through the night.
Below are some pics out their window of people setting off fire works.

Friday my mom and I spent the day at mission bay eating and talking, the two things we do best!

Friday night we made a roast dinner and Saturday we just relaxed before we had to take my parents to the airport.

A few photos before they left.

Sybilla looking so cute
Today, Sunday I watched Sybilla for a few hours and when I got home for some reason I was sitting at my desk and just opened one of the drawers in the desk and guess what I found.
I note from my mom! Imagine that! I was so happy to get this little note, that I got real sad because I already miss both my parents so much!
They are already home unpacking .


Anonymous said...

Oh Shannon, everytime Brianna & Jack go home I always find a note Brianna has left for me, in a drawer or the pantry, under my pillow, it's sad...but nice too!!...

Take care

beeswax said...

I used to put a note in Shannon's lunch box every day in elementary school, she would also leave notes for me. And.. she would knit little gifts for me, I still have a few of them. Precious stuff!

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