Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today and Birthday recap

This morning I woke up and was making breakfast and tripped over the kart we use to make our food on and the gallon of milk I had open went flying off the kart and hit the floor. After cleaning that up I had to rush eating breakfast. I also ended up wasting new milk so annoying! This week is pretty crazy, yesterday and today were nanny days, tomorrow I work at hue and then babysit after, and Friday and Sat are my parents last days here and Sunday is watching Sybilla. I went from no work to tons of work, but like Grant said in one month it is summer/Christmas and we have to save as much money as possible.

All last week and this week I have felt under the weather and I have this horrible cough. I finally broke down and bought some Vicks, hope I get better soon. The pics below describe my night.

My Birthday recap OCT 27.
On my birthday I worked being a nanny and also that was the day that my art was put in the NZ Hot Rod Magazine. When I met up with my parents that day to go to one tree hill they had a copy of the Magazine for me!
For dinner we went to Prego and had yummy pizza!
Below is Grant's dad and us.

After dinner we went back to Peter's and had cake and coffee! so Good!

When my parents leave I go back to eating healthy and working out!


beeswax said...

Time to start working out and eating good, we're gone! I need to do the same only I need it way more than you do.
Love you, Mom

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