Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas is Over! Summer is Here!

Christmas eve I watched Sybilla and we went to Devonport for lunch and played at the sand there.

Christmas eve night we went out for a few drinks with Matt and Mike and a few others.

Cool paper napkin tie

Christmas Morning was great opened gifts! Lots of stuff from my parents and practical stuff we gave to each other.

So Excited

I got a book and movie from Andrea yay

new jandals

Lunch at Grant's dads house

Roast dinner Lamb and Ham

Today we are headed off to a pool party and then tomorrow we are off on vacation up north! woo hoo can't wait!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve!

That means its the day before Christmas Eve! Yay The kids I watch are so excited. Yesterday the little girl said only three more sleeps till Christmas! Then she said we are getting millions of gifts cause we have been good all year! (that my friends is debatable)

Today is my last official day of work before the holidays and I am really excited also! Grant is already on holiday and he has not been shy to rub it in every ones face hahahhaha. I hope today goes smoothly but I have a feeling it will since I have the whole gift thing to hold over their heads!

Happy soon to be holiday!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family Time (Just not Mine)

All day Friday Adam (Grant's Brother) and I helped Grant's Mum Jo go through some of her stuff that she had left here in storage. There was a lot to sort through but we managed to get it all done and still have time for some lunch, before I had to drive us home and get to work watching Sybilla for the night. There was so much traffic getting to Sybilla's, I didn't take into account that it was the Friday before Christmas week.

On Saturday Grant and I spent most of the day sitting around the house and I felt really sad. Not sure why I felt sad, but I did and then I finally said we have to leave this house or I am going to lose my mind. We decided to drive to Takapuna and have an ice cream. The ice cream ended up being a horrible idea cause it gave me a huge stomach ache! I was so tired that whole day and that night we had plans to go out with his boss and some of the guys they work with for a concert and some drinks. I almost didn't go, but at the last second I said maybe it will make me feel better. Guess what it did!

Above is a picture I took of a kid with the biggest Red Afro!

Grant and I in Takapuna with stomach pain

Us Saturday night at the concert

We had lots to drink cause it was all on his boss

His boss and I.
Saturday night ended up being pretty crazy and on Sunday morning I had an interview with a family to nanny for on Mondays! Let me tell you it was a real struggle to get to the interview and look like I hadn't been out all night partying and acting like a complete lunatic. All in all I think the interview went all right, the family seem really nice and now I just have to wait and see if they like me or not ahhahah.
Around one on Sunday we went out for lunch with Jo and Adam to Mission Bay. We ate at a Mexican Restaurant, surprise surprise!

We had beer and its funny how a beer the next day after drinking actually makes you feel better!

Grant's mum wanted some pictures of her boys and of all of us and you can guess how well that went over! Grant's face below says it all!

It was a major struggle to get them to hold still and look normal, you would have thought they were 5 years old. Jo kept saying move together, get closer! They had starting by standing 5 feet apart ahhahah.

Look Jo and I both had red bags!

All four of us!

Earlier Grant said YES last picture! Until his mom said lets stop up here and take a few more! hahhaha

Look how far apart they are! SOOO funny

Adam decided to get creative!
This is my last week of work till I have off for Christmas and I can't wait.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Great Grant!

Last night when I got home around 930pm from babysitting instead of Grant scaring me per usual he had a different surprise. He had made me a Christmas tree out of plants from the yard! Of course the first thing I said is are there a lot of bugs in there? He said no I sprayed it with bug killer! So cute I could not believe it!

Christmas corner is still growing!
Today I am helping Grant's brother and mother go through some storage stuff and then later tonight I babysit Sybilla while the parents hit the town!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mostly Sunny!

Most days have been sunny. If it rains it only lasts a short time, so it is a huge improvement.

Too bad we don't have patio furniture and a BBQ

Sunny days in our back yard are the best!

Above are some robots from the kids room that I think I might do a painting of.

The boy I watch and I went to Motat and took the tram just for fun.

Above Picture taken by Boy I watch

Last night Grant and I met up with his mom Jo for dinner and a few drinks.
She is visiting NZ from Australia for a week. She is really nice and she got us some cool gifts for Christmas. A tent for when we camp, Grant got some Jack, and I got Make up!

We are all going out to dinner in the coming days so hopefully I will get some pictures of all of us together.
Tonight I am doing some extra babysitting and before that I have to mail some letters and possible stocking stuffer shopping!
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