Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Break from Drawing

This morning I have been working on a drawing that I plan to finish today and possibly even mail and I got to the point where I started to feel really stressed and I decided to take a break.

This break was also a workout. Check these moves out!

Towards the end it gets good! hahhaha I crack my self up sometimes!

Yesterday while working we went to the ZOO!

This guy below was scaring all the other birds away, he was ready to fight!

After the Zoo we filled up the plastic pool and had a wet and wild time.
It was so hot out! Tomorrow Anna arrives in NZ and we all plan to see her!


beeswax said...

Wow! Great dance routine. Love it. Good exercise. Good to see summer is upon you. I just put Anna on the plane and she's headed your way.
Love you. MOM

Anonymous said...

Love your moves Shannon!!
I just bought ZUMBA, Craig thinks Ruby must laugh watching me, it's so much fun tho!

Take care and keep GROOVIN'

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