Friday, December 11, 2009

The dinner with out the Guest

Friday I met up with Camila and went to lunch in Mission Bay. For dinner we were planning to meet Anna and Luke before they went down to Napier. Well turns out that Anna some how got stopped in Australia and they would not let her through and she ended up having to buy a super expensive ticket and didn't get to Auckland till 8:30 in the morning Saturday. We decided to go out to dinner anyways because it was already planned.

After dinner us 3 couples went to look at the lights that are on Ponsonby.
In the morning we went out and met Anna and Luke for breakfast, Anna was not up for pictures because she had not slept or showered in 48 hours. She has been having some bad luck, but I think it is going to turn around. I told her I have to take one picture to show she made it.
On Friday I bought a bed skirt (called a valence here which is why I could not find one for so long)
I also bought a few Christmas decorations, I really could not help myself.
I made sure they were really cheap and lame.

The stockings are from my mom. Thank you they are so cute!

Below is the drawing that I finally finished of Art Chrisman.


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