Thursday, December 17, 2009

Great Grant!

Last night when I got home around 930pm from babysitting instead of Grant scaring me per usual he had a different surprise. He had made me a Christmas tree out of plants from the yard! Of course the first thing I said is are there a lot of bugs in there? He said no I sprayed it with bug killer! So cute I could not believe it!

Christmas corner is still growing!
Today I am helping Grant's brother and mother go through some storage stuff and then later tonight I babysit Sybilla while the parents hit the town!


Lacey said...

awww that is soo sweet!! i love the christmas corner. and think its hilarious that he scares you when you get home haha i love to scare bub!

beeswax said...

Give Grant a big hug from me for getting you a Christmas bush. You both look so cute. Wish you were here, I'm baking cookies all day tomorrow. I miss you sweet girl.
Love, Mom

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