Sunday, December 13, 2009

More about the Table=)

Sunday was a really warm and sunny day and guess what today we are back to rain hahahah. Oh well at least we had a really nice weekend. Sunday morning we got up and did some stuff around the house, and then went to the store and found a table cloth. The store we went to was a fabric store that sells house stuff also. It turned out to be cheaper to have them cut us a piece of table cloth material than it was to buy a packaged one. Grant and I both decided on a retro looking design that is really cute, I was surprised that he suggested it!

After the shopping we drove to Mission Bay and had lunch at the Mexican food restaurant El Centro. We tried the margaritas there but to me they just tasted like juice. One million dollars later we were off to see what was happening where we use to live. When we got to our old place everyone was just sitting around hung over, Grant said, that is so lame that they are all wasting a really nice day. Now that he doesn't live there anymore he can see how many days they waste doing nothing! From there we drove to Takapuna to meet Boots and some of his friends at a bar by the beach and we watched the UFC Fight.

On our way home we stopped by the store and got the groceries for the week and made Mexican steak dinner and ate on our new table cloth yay!

driving to mission bay
Eating yum yum

Mission Bay

The table cloth!

Mexican style steak, Grant says I'll tell you what makes it Mexican, cause I am eating it!

Tomorrow night Grant's mum is coming for a week to sort some of her stuff that she left here when she moved to Australia sooooo that means I get to meet her! Also Grant has not seen her in about 2 years he thinks so it will be good for him to visit with her. We are planning on going to dinner a few nights and helping her sort through some of the stuff she plans to leave here during the weekend. Should be a crazy week between visiting with Grant's mum Jo and all the extra babysitting I am doing but that will just make for more interesting blogs, I hope.
Off to swim class!


beeswax said...

I love the table cloth. I was going to make one for you. Still will. So glad you'll be meeting Grant's mum.
Love, MOM

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