Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Motat Museum

Wednesday while nannying I decided to go to the Motat museum because it was raining and most of the exhibits are inside and it would give us something to do considering that all the play groups are closed for the holidays.
We met another nanny there with her little girl and it was set up to be a great outing when all of a sudden the little girl I watch decided to be the biggest pain in the you know what! It started out with complaining about not wanting to walk there, which was a one min walk, then turning into throwing a fit at every exhibit we stopped at because it is not what she wanted to be looking at. I was at the end of my patience and finally we decided to leave! The other nanny was looking at me and taking pity! It is unbelievable how she always seems to ruin what could have been a great time. Her brother would have loved it if it wasn't for her!

Here I am in the kaleidoscope

Then we stopped and walked on the trains, only to hear more wining

Later after we went home and took the little girl to kindy we decided to head back out to Motat again and take the tram from the one museum up to the plane museum. They loved the tram ride but then again we had a melt down when we were in the museum to see the planes. Again she ruined the fun for the little boy who would have loved it.

Trying to take a good picture of my self is really hard

Huge airplanes

Sometimes I think it would be easier to just stay home, but really staying home just drags the day out like you wouldn't believe. I have realized my best defense is to ignore the tantrums and try to keep my self calm.
Today I have been working on some art and at 6 pm will be baby sitting till around 9pm. My plan for tomorrow is more art all day! I am thankful that I don't have my own kids right now!


beeswax said...

It never ends, they are winding you up forever!!!! Until they finally move out, and become self-sufficient. You definately have to learn patience, or get ear plugs, or drink a lot of wine.
But, not all kids are that way, all the time, just some of the time. Ha Ha Ha. It's good to get old.

Lacey said...

oh man, that has to be sooo stressful. I havent been through any huge meltdowns in public yet thankfully! i dont have a high tolerance for brats haha.

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