Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Middle Name

Last night after babysitting I was stopped at this turn light that takes an hour and was able to take this picture of this huge light tree that is on Ponsonby road.

Here are a few pictures of the rain the has been steady going all day long!
My middle name should be procrastination. I don't know what it is but some days I will do everything that I can to distract my self from doing what I should (drawing). This morning it was a normal Friday; swim class but instead of going home I met all the swimmers for some coffee and we all got to know each other. Well they all know each other but I got to know them and they got to know me, it was really quite nice. I then came home and that is when the procrastinating started. I can't even really pinpoint what I did but I talked to my mom, went online and looked for the shoes that Grant wants but that don't exist in any store or online, I started drawing but every few seconds I come up with something to do.

I could have finished the drawing today if it wasn't for getting side tracked. Oh well it might be cause I have a head ache that just won't go away it has been 3 days for sure of having a head ache. It is so annoying! I changed pillows so hopefully that was the problem we will see tomorrow.
Hopefully this weekend this awful rain will stop so we can go do something fun that is out doors.
Hello to everyone at home I miss you guys so much. Seeing my mom's blog about their trip to Disneyland made me really sad and I actually cried last night, I know what a baby!
I said to Grant who is going to make waffles on Christmas morning? and he said " I will make them in our kitchen with our waffle maker" What a smart ass we don't have a waffle maker or a kitchen hahaha and that is when I started crying and he said don't worry we can have cereal! oh boy!
Time to Draw!


Lacey said...

procrastination must run in the family then because im the same way! hope you can get back into it. next time you come home we should all go to disneyland =) i cannot believe Grant about the waffles, its mean but so funny at the same time. All guys are the same!

Anonymous said...

You're not a baby Shannon!!
We do bacon and eggs and hash browns and tomatoes and mushrooms for Christmas Brunch or pancakes in a bottle!!! Embrace the new and fondly remember your other! It's different but you will be just fine!


Take Care

Anonymous said...

Listen to Mel.

Love ya'...


beeswax said...

I will eat your waffle for you! I hope you get some sunshine for your weekend.
Quit procrastinating, I need that art soon.
Mel - please read my comment back to you, two blogs down.
Love ya Shannon. MOM

Shannon Olson said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I should be excited about having Christmas for summer and not thinking about what I am missing. Eventually I will have my own traditions even if it is eating ceareal.

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