Thursday, December 30, 2010



As of right now I am sitting on the couch relaxing which was not the original plan.

A few months ago I won tickets to a huge dance party on a near by Island (Waiheke Island).
The party is going to be huge starting at 2pm today and going till 4am on New years day. Yesterday when I got around to buying tickets for the ferry ride over I realized that the only available tickets were to come back on New years day at 7am. That meant that from 4am till 7am we would have no where to sleep or hang out, this also meant that once we caught the ferry into town at 7am we would then have to find a taxi home.

I bought the ferry tickets and was all set to go thinking that we will just sit at the ferry from 4 till 7 and wait, no big deal. That is when I saw that we also had to get a bus from the ferry to the event and back and that was going to cost even more money and hassle.

When Grant pointed out what a hassle the whole event seemed it was going to be and considering none of our friends are going we decided to pull the plug.

SOOOO just to recap it would have been
  1. Drive to ferry leave car there
  2. Take Ferry to Island $67
  3. Take bus to event $20 each
  4. Be at event till 4am buying all food and drink there, at least $200
  5. Wait for ferry till 7am
  6. Get dropped off in town
  7. Get Taxi home $50
  8. Go back the next day and pick up car from the ferry port

When looking at how much money and effort I thought no way, so I sold the tickets!

  1. Ticket 1 sold for $125
  2. Ticket 2 sold for $150
  3. Out $67 for ferry
  4. Made $208 Whoop Whoop

Our new plan is to go to a house party where we will know most of the people and to be honest I am sure we will have just as much fun!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hot Water Beach

A few days ago we took a trip to Coromandel. On the drive up it was a little cloudy but by lunch time the sky cleared and we spent some of the day laying on the beach and hiking and eating. We spent the night camped at Hot Water Beach and when we got up in the morning and after we made breakfast some of Grant's friends met us. That day it ended up raining! So we went to lunch and had a few beers at a pub before we set up camp at the Coroglen Tavern.

Here we are set up at the Coroglen Tavern camp ground. That night we went to a concert at the tavern.

I am super smart I sat in the car where it was dry to drink my beer and eat my snacks

We had a great time at the concert both bands were really good! That next morning it was nice and sunny again so after we packed our camp site we all went to breakfast and back to hot water beach to play in the sun. Grant even got some surfing in! Imagine that!
Today I am home unpacking and getting the house organized before our next trip up north. Grant went fishing with some friends this morning and said they have already caught 18 snapper between the 4 of them! We are eating fish tonight! Tomorrow is the big New Years Eve party so today I am going to get as much rest as possible!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Of course on Christmas Eve dinner with Alina and Tom I forgot to take pictures, so here are a few of the drive home. There was a great sunset Christmas eve night.

We pulled off to get a good picture of the sun set.

That night I made cookies for Christmas day.

Christmas morning we opened our stockings from eachother.

I got scratchy tickets and a gift card to a book store.

Grant got a shell as a joke hahha

Also Grant got chocolates and some freezer packs.
I gifted myself a soap container.

For late lunch we went to Grant's dads house for Christmas food! His brother made goose! It was good but I mainly ate ham.

cutting the goose was harder then they thought hahhaa

Family photos
Tomorrow really early we are taking off on vacation. I will post all about our trip when we get back =)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Yesterday was a busy day! I spent the whole day nannying for the family I use to work for, then straight from work home to get ready to go out with friends for drinks. We had an excellent time out last night. Lots of drinking and dancing was enjoyed by everyone! especially me! I had not been out dancing in a really long time and I forgot how much I love it. In college we went out dancing every single week. The only sad thing is I forgot to take pictures I only have one from the whole night hahahhaha.

This morning I woke up and felt a little out of it but considering how much we partied I am surprised I didn't feel worse. Grant took off for a morning surf with his friend and I picked up the tickets that we won from a radio station for new years eve!
On my way back home I stopped by the store and bought some stuff to make salsa and cookies for tomorrow. I was freaking out with the amount of people in the store and the amount of craziness all around, I think everyone waited till the last second to go shopping! I made it out of the store alive and as I am walking in the door at home I realize I forgot to buy CHIPS! Now what do you eat salsa with if you don't have chips? I decided that I can't handle the store again so Grant will have to go.

I also saw this soap dispenser in the store marked down to $5 and I decided that it would be my Christmas present to myself!

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Week

Christmas week is here! I still have to shop! hahhaha Grant and I decided that we are not really getting each other gifts but just a few things to go in the stockings.

This week is going to be a little crazy. Last night I babysat, today I am shopping for a few stocking stuffers, tonight we are going out to dinner with Grants dad, the next 2 days I am nannying, Thursday night all our friends and us are going out, Friday we are meeting more friends, Saturday is Christmas at Grants dads and Sunday I guess we recover.

A while back on a blog I saw a shell wreath that someone had made, and decided that I wanted to also make a shell wreath. When my mom was here we collected tons of shells and just the other day I finally put the whole thing together. I am happy the way it turned out and after I take down our Christmas decorations (2 stockings and some lights) I plan to hang the wreath over the fire place (at least for the summer when we aren't making fires).

We have so many shells here in NZ it is ridiculous! I am always surprised to see shells cause in CA there aren't that many. I told Grant that in shops near the beach they sell shells hahahha because there aren't any on the beach.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Humidity Vs. Shannon

Humidity Wins! For the last week it has been raining. The humidity level is about 90 to 98% also. That means that everything in our house feels damp and wet, my hair looks crazy, the wall paper is peeling, the fruit has gone bad and those towels I put out to dry 3 days ago not only are never going to dry but probably need to be re washed.

Humid hair!

Bad Lemons bought 3 days ago

Towels soaked

peeling wall paper

My book pages curl on their own!

In other news we met up with Anna and Luke last night for dinner and a drink. They are flying to visit her family for Christmas so we were lucky enough to catch up with them before they left.

I only wish Anna lived closer so we could hang out all the time!

Here is a pic of one of the shirts my mom got me that I wore out last night.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Blast from my Past

I was just wasting some time on the Internet looking at some craft blogs when I came across a blog where the lady was giving all the little girls in the family caboodles! That sent my mind thinking about all my Christmas's past and some of the gifts I got.

One year when I was probably 8 or 9 years old one of my Aunts gave all the girl cousins caboodles! I loved mine so much I used it for years to store all my cool stuff!!!
Below is the exact one I had, color and everything.

When I was young I was really into reading, just like I am now, and my favorite series of books was Meet Molly! I had every book in the series and I know I read them more then once.

When I was about 7 years old I had the strawberry short cake house, this exact one! I had all the dolls and all the furniture. I will never forget we were moving and my mom would not let me bring my doll house and made me leave it at my cousins house and said they would keep it there cause we did not have room at our house! Just like I knew would happen they got rid of it and I never saw it again I was so mad!

It is so cool to see these photos! I still have some of the furniture at home I think?

Does anyone remember shrinky dinks? I do and I had this exact set of smurf shrinky dinks! I can remember making them when I was staying at my grandpa and Lynn's house one night.

When I was probably 10 I wanted a "skip it" so bad. You work it by putting the loop around your foot and swinging it in a circle around the ground and jumping. Anyways I remember the ads for the skip it, it looked like the coolest toy, till I got it and realized all it was was you jumping and it counts your jumps hahhaha.

I forget what this thing is called but you used little plastic beads that you ironed and they melted together to form patterns or shapes. My friends and I loved doing this for some weird reason. The funny thing about this project was when you finished there was nothing you could really do with the design. I know my mom hated my friends and I doing this cause she was always worried we were going to ruin her iron by melting plastic all over it hahhaha.

Below is my exact lunch box from when I was in elementary school except I think mine was dark blue. I can remember the exact smell of that thing! The funny thing about this lunch box was as you were walking to the lunch room at least once a week the little latch on top would come undone and your whole lunch would go crashing onto the floor.

One year my cousin Amanda and I got this exact book that came with a necklace! I think her book was about horses.
One year for Christmas my mom gave all the cousins Disney on Ice tickets. I remember everyone was super excited to get the tickets and we all dressed up when we went.
Another one of my favorite books was Amelia Bedelia, I read many in that series.

That is just a few of the gifts that I asked for and got when I was little. Its funny that seeing just one picture would inspire me to look all that stuff up, if only something like that would inspire me everyday ahhahaha
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