Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Day

Today was the first day back at work.
Today was the first day of my diet.... NOT hahhahah (said like borat)
Best to start one thing at a time, starting back to work was hard enough. I made it through the day, although because I have not had any sort of sleeping schedule for the last 3 weeks it was really hard to sleep last night and also to wake up this morning!

All day I was sooo tired just the most basic tasks felt difficult, oh boy. First day back and there were two major things; the kids were jumping on their trampoline and bonked heads(not sure how it happened I was making dinner) together so there was lots of screaming and then not even an hour later one of them knocked a heavy bench over on their foot(also didn't see how it happened, I was filling the bath) so there was a lot more screaming and some one didn't have to take a bath.

After working late I came home to Grant making dinner, he was so excited to see me he stopped to give me a big hug(he must have missed me, it was our first chunk of time apart after spending every minute together for 3 weeks), I then ate some chips, the rest of the m&m's, half a bag of rice, and 3 cookies. Like I said I didn't start my diet today hahahhaha.
Hope tomorrow is easier then today.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the real world!

Love ya'...


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