Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Post Four (and last) Vacation

Last Vacation post, but lucky for you we are going back up north next weekend for a few days so there will be more pretty photos!

This is the last chunk of our vacation before we had to head on home. Turns out my dates were wrong in the last post, oh well hahha. This is January 6th till we went home on January 9th.

On the 6th after we had fixed the tire we took the boat out again to do some more fishing. We each caught some kahawai and the next morning we smoked it and ate it for dinner.

It is always more fun when you are catching fish.

Ready to be smoked.

This is my favorite thing to do while up north, sit in this swing and read my book surrounded by the beautiful landscape!

On the 7th we took our last fishing trip and we decided to go out and try to find some snapper. The best time to go is right before the sun sets. Guess what? we didn't catch anything, well I take that back Grant caught 2 snapper but they were barley the legal limit for size and that will bring me to the next day. Because the fish were small which is suppose to be good eating they were impossible to cut up (we didn't have a good knife as well). After Grant threw a huge fit where at one point he threw part of the fish into the bush and told me he buried the knife we decided to bake the other fish and it turned out great! I told him next time we will just bake them to start with because it tasted so good.

Because we came home from this trip in the dark and the tide had gone out we didn't see that there were small rocks until we heard a huge clunk and scrape noise! Oh boy! We then had to jump out into the water waist high and try to guide the boat to an area where there were less rocks, lets just say it wasn't very fun and turned out to be a big GF (a term my family uses). Turned out the boat was fine, thank goodness.
Crocket left early in the morning on the 8th leaving Grant and I all alone, the whole day was spent doing the massive clean up, and I mean massive! Boxes of bottles and cans to be recycled and huge bags of trash that has to be loaded up and brought to the tip. Clean the whole boat and put it away in the garage (with Grant driving and me guiding it in the garage you can guess how that turned out but we got it done). Putting everything away and cleaning kitchen and bathroom and loading the car, it took the whole day.
So for dinner we celebrated with some drinks and the fish we baked.
Here we are last night.

I was so sad that we had to leave and go back to work, but because I was promised that we would be going back up soon I didn't get too worried.

On the 9th we dropped off the trash turned everything off locked up and drove home.
Here are our sad faces cause we don't want to leave! and mainly we don't want to go back to work ahhahahah!

A whole lot fatter and tanner we returned home to start up the normal day to day routine.


Anonymous said...

Another great post. I'm jealous. You people had (and continue to have) way too much fun.

It's good to see that you have your priorities in order, and are enjoying this time in your lives. You're very fortunate, and should count your blessings.

Love ya'...


beeswax said...

You look so pretty without makeup! I'm glad that you guys have such fun together. Men, men, men, men, Menly Men... ew ew ew ew ew ew ew.....
Love Mom

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