Saturday, January 9, 2010

Post One Vacation

This is the first post in probably a million cause although we were gone for a good chunk of time 14 days, I was some how able to take about 400 pics! Imagine how much film that would have been hahahhaha.

December 27th till January 30th
We left early on the 27th and we made it up to the Bach about noon.

We stopped by the famous bathrooms for a picture and because we had to use them.

Driving and yes that is a surf board in the back seat.

Stopped by the beach to check out the status of the waves. Of course they were not big enough!

Up to the Bach. Below is the view from the Bach front door.

After unloading our stuff we were invited to go surfing at a special beach you need 4 wheel drive to get to, so we repacked a few things and met Greg. All because there were really good waves at Shipwreck Bay. We had to do some off roading to get there and so we transferred all our junk into Greg's car for a wild ride. Below is a pic of the rocks we drove around.
We brought water and so did Greg because this is a beach with nothing, because Greg had so much Grant said we don't need our water. I still brought 2 small bottles. On our off roading journey some how the water tank in the back opened and all spilt out! We had to spend a whole 2 days rationing 2 small bottles. Next time I bring the water no matter what!

Once we got there we set up the tent that Grant's mum got us, had a snack, and then it was surf time.

There were no bathrooms but I am hard core!

zipping up his wet suit, looks like he is posing.

with a tail ahahhaha

Waiting for the perfect wave, or maybe just trying to figure out best way to avoid the sharp rocks.

The next day we got up early and headed back to the bach, Greg stayed a few nights.

We are playing a game called plentque sounds like platonk.

Mid day on the 28th Mike "Boots" and Nick showed up with their boat.

The boys.

Making dinner. We caught 2 fish.

On the 29th Grants dad Dave made it up and we ate the smoked fish (trevaley).

everyone is eating and looks awful but it was the only pic.
Stay tuned in for the next post hopefully sooner then later!
Today we just unpacked a little, returned Dave's van to him, got our car, went out to brunch, went back to Grant's dads cause we forgot to give him the keys for the van, went grocery shopping $400(a normal weeks shopping), came home put it all away, and did this blog. Its now 7:30 and we are drinking to celebrate our last day of vacation!


Anonymous said...

Great start. Can't wait for more.

Love ya'...


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