Monday, January 18, 2010

Post Three Vacation

Vacation days January 3rd till I am not sure, maybe the 8th? Lets just say there will be one more post after this.

The dates on when we did certain things has become confusing, but I don't really think it matters anyways. We spent one whole day at the local rodeo and the whole reason we went was on new years eve some one told us all the freaks will be there. It was a small town rodeo and it was Grant's first hahahaha. We had a good time and it turned out that a lot of the people that we spent new years with were there too!

They are wearing pink cause it was a breast cancer fund raiser.

That night we made some yummy drinks

and we cooked up the fish we caught the day before

Yum yum drunk drunk

The next day we went fishing.

watch where your casting

I caught 2 kahawai (not sure on spelling)

On our way home we got a flat tire on the trailer and went through a lot to get the spare tire only to have that go flat too, but it wasn't a huge problem because I just started drinking hahahha.
The next day we were able to go into town and have it repaired.

Above Grant is problem solving.
Below Crocket caught the weird orange thing.

Shadow pics

The next day we went for a drive to the top of a mountain to get a wonderful 360 view of the harbor and bays.

There will still be one more post of the vacation, hopefully I can do that tomorrow night after work.
Work today has made me super tired and I think I am going to sleep early tonight.


Anonymous said...

Great photos of what appears to have been a wonderful vacation. We're looking forward to your final post.

I've been working on your fishing tackle, and will have everything ready to go by the time Pete arrives.

Love ya'...


beeswax said...

Scary Orange fish ;(
I'm enjoying the pictures since I already heard the details of your adventures, especially the flat tires. Ha Ha.
Keep up the good blogs, we all enjoy reading them.
Oh ya, I love the picture of the cowboy getting dumped off the baby bull, his hat on the ground.
Love ya, MOM

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