Friday, January 22, 2010


Last night we went for our second try to see Avatar. Thursday night I booked the tickets for imax, got ready, paid for parking, went out to dinner, and sat down to see the movie. The movie started out alright then all of a sudden every 60 or so seconds the sound would cut out. We watched about 5 min of the movie with the sounds cutting out before everyone got up in an angry mob and stormed out to get a refund.

I was so mad because although we got our ticket money back that didn't make up for the money spent on parking and food that we would have not eaten if we were not out for the night!

So I thought we will try again on Friday night, going to a different theater, only 3d.
The movie was really good, if you are into sci-fi and war type movies. I had to see it because everyone that I talked to said it was the best movie and that they have seen in a long time.

I liked it don't get me wrong, but I guess its just not my type of movie. I also felt like it was a little too long (try an hour) and also a little too predictable. The movie did have a good message and the graphics were incredible. Anyways so far today I have been to the mall to get a few gifts for some friends and now I am going to work on my drawing for a little while before we do the grocery shopping.


Anna said...

Good luck with the drawings! Hope it's not downpouring in Auckland like it is here.

Anonymous said...

I love your new background. Very artistic.

I'm glad you got to see Avatar. Now I hope you get to see Invictus.

Love ya'...


beeswax said...

Your new bright pink background hurts my eyes, especially after 2 vodka tonics. can you tone it down a bit. Your buzzed mama.
love you.

Anonymous said...

Hi I love the new look too but it does hurt the eyes a little :-) I will get around to replying to your email...probably shoud be doing that instead of leaving a comment on your blog!! Anyway, I'm thinking Monday?? but will be in touch.

It will be great to catch up, it's been ages!!!

Take care

Shannon Olson said...

OK by popular demand I will change the background. I guess it is a little bright. Thanks for all the comments everyone =)

beeswax said...

Love the new background, so pleasant.
Love, MOM

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