Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Work Ahead

Man oh man! I just went on the NZ immigration site and called them to get the low down on what I am going to have to do to be able to stay here when my visa expires and honestly just the thought of it makes me want to take a nap!

I am going to have to fill out a ton of paper work, pay a lot of money and do two things that I just did last year. The full medical check and a police check from the USA.

I think back to last year and the amount of stress I went through to get all of this done and I have decided that during this application process I am not going to get stressed and I am not going to freak out, but as I type this I can feel my stress levels rising.

As I am typing this I just had the thought that I am visiting my family in May and that I will have to file the form ASAP and that my passport again will be with the application and how in the world will I be able to fly home with out my passport and how will I even go to Australia in April with out my passport or will I have to wait till after that to file the form! I am going to freakout!



Anonymous said...

Deep breaths, take lots of deep breaths. You can get through this just fine if you can avoid stressing out.

(I know, easier said than done.)

At least you're getting a good head-start on this process, which will bode very well for you as it unfolds.

Love ya'...


Anonymous said...

Hey, don't stress!! You have done it before and each time you do something it gets easier!

Keep smiling :o) and enjoy this stinky hot humid weather!! (and the occasional blast of lightening and thunder too)

Take care!

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