Thursday, January 14, 2010


I was sooo pissed off yesterday, Why you might ask? Because the internet here would not connect! On Wednesday after work I sat down and wrote out a huge list of things I had to do and the blog was one of them and when I woke yesterday and turned on my computer I had a melt down when the internet was not connecting.
I actually cried! How lame is that. I guess I realized how much I miss my family when the only connection I have with them is through the internet.
I have the computer today so I will try to do a post of another part of my vacation.

There is suppose to be a huge swell up north and Grant said the surfing will be "Choice", so we are going to leave early tomorrow morning and head up north. We will be camping so it should be a lot of fun, just being out of the house sounds good to me!


beeswax said...

Just remember, draw draw draw. Get the password for next time.

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