Saturday, February 27, 2010



Nannyed from 12 till 6pm
Made plans to meet Alina
Changed plans to meet Alina with Grant and everyone else we know at a bar
Took cab to town
Drank in bar and watched a friend sing and rap
Left the bar to run wild through the Chinese New Year in the Park
Went to a different bar, Rakinos (we have been denied 5 times before) not what its cracked up to be
Grant and I broke out of the group and went to burger king
We caught a cab home
Probably $300 dollars later we called it a night.

Got up thinking we were going away for the weekend to Jasmins house
Skyped by Jasmin and Crockett saying we are not going away for the weekend
Instead we decided to go to music in the park
Got horrible chicken wrap from McDonalds
Threw out wrap
Stopped to get booze
Went to Crocketts house and all drove to the park
Sat in the blazing sun and drank and listened to music
Thought I was going to pass out from heat
Got up on my own and sat along the fence with all the bums for some shade
Bands ended and we drove home
Passed out for a 2 hour nap with everyone else on Crocketts couch
Reminded again that drinking during the day in the sun is never good

Get up and decide to make a giant omelet
Turn on the tv and see tsunami warning headed right to NZ
Run to get ready and leave to go see tsunami
Arrive at top of giant hill (Mt Vic) to a huge group of people all there doing the same thing
No wave
Drive down to ocean front
Pass a skate boarder who yells no tsunami ha
No tsunami
Go to Market place in Takapuna
Buy limes and cilantro
Go to Close out amazon clothing sale
Bought billa bong jeans, and 2 shirts all for $70 bucks
Grant got new white shoes
Home to take a nap and make chicken tacos

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Already Thursday!

Its already Thursday and it feels like this week just started. Nothing new has really happened just been working and picking up a few extra nanny hours here and there. Pretty boring I guess. This weekend we are going to Jamin's family's house for Saturday and Sunday. She has told us that her dad has a large property with a lot of off roading vehicles and a digger and some paint ball guns. Grant and Crockett are super excited and I am a little scared ha ha.

The internet has been really bad as usual and I have been working on art but really its all the same old story. There have been a few things that have happened now that I think about it; last night we went to dinner at Grant's dad's house and last night there was a cockroach on the table next to our bed that Grant had to kill, and I finished reading a book and started up another but that's not very entertaining. Hopefully after Saturday I will have a good adventure to talk about.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Beach

Today I went to my swim class and then checked out a house that was a no way. After I got back from looking at the house I was so tired I could not keep my eyes open so I took a nap and after about 10 minutes of sleep Grant came home an hour early and said that we should go surfing at the beach. It was good to get out of the house and get fresh air. I took my book and read while he surfed. Tomorrow it is back to work.

It was around 6pm when this was taken.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Stay Calm Or Don't Whatever

Last night we decided to go out and meet some of Grant's friends at the back yard bar in Northcote. We got arrived in our cab meeting Jed and Jem and Matt. We had a couple of drinks and watched the rugby game then we all got a van taxi to the Copper Room in Takapuna. When we got there we met up with Crockett and Jasmin. We had several drinks and everyone was having a great time dancing until Matt comes in and says Grant's out side. I follow him out and apparently the big fat ugly door man wont let him back in! I guess they felt he was to drunk. The thing is he was no more drunk then anyone else but I think cause he is so tall he stands out. My question to him was why did you go out side to start with? Anyways in my super drunk state I sweetly asked if Grant could come back in and when Mr door man said no I then turned in to a crazy person who might have pulled the fingers and told the door man where he belongs!
His response was is that how a lady should act? My response was I think SO!
This guy was a total power hungry freak who looked like he was right off the Jersey Shore fake man tan and dyed black hair ahahahhaha I was so pissed off!

We ended up going next door to an Irish bar where we were kindly let in and served a drink. Now if Grant was really that drunk would they have served him a drink? I don't think so! But the only thing that sucked was all our friends were still next door. Oh well we still had a good time and caught a cab home after our drink at the Irish bar.

Here is a progression of pictures from the night.

At home posing and pre dancing

Looking good till I found these funny glasses, then Grant turned into the pic below. This is before we have even gone out.

So funny.
Below we are at the Irish bar, Grant was the only one dancing ha ha

and making friends with the band

So a few lessons were learned
1. Always eat before we go out(we only had a few crackers)
2. Pace our selves when drinking
3. don't go out side for any reason at all
4. Try your best to stay calm while being kicked out
5. Try to act like a lady (maybe Grant should have tried that on the door man)
Review of Copper Room; shitty drinks (we had to have them fixed 2 different times) rude door men and horrible food(we have ate there before) and We won't be back!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Big Three

Today I went to swim class and then came home and cleaned the place and did laundry then got ready and headed off to the little boy I am a nanny for third birthday. It was mainly family and only a few friends. The perfect small party for a 3 year old. Everyone had a great time and ate lots of rich chocolate cake. When I left I decided that I don't need dinner because the cake was so rich I am still really full.
I got him a hula hoop, a photo album I filled up, a cars t-shirt, and some art stuff. He loved the gifts and it is all stuff that we can use while I am watching them.
Below: waiting for the cake to be cut yum yum the kids could hardly contain them selves
Below are 2 pictures from when we went out to dinner on valentines day.

Grant and I both decided the reason why I feel like I miss home so much and keep getting upset is we have not really been having much fun. We do the same thing each day; go to work, come home, watch TV, get ready for the next day or clean and it is really repetitive and boring. The whole reason why we have not been going out is we are trying to save money for our trip to Australia in April, but really I think we have both decided that the money saved is just not worth having no life so we are going to do more stuff.
Who knows what will come up this weekend but I refuse to do nothing again!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It is so humid here right now! My hair looks like a poodles. I have 5 minutes before I leave for work for the last day this week. I told Grant last night I am so worn out from today and he said you are already half way through the work week ha ha I think that is his joke cause I only work 2 days, very funny.
Anyways the last 2 days I have been sad cause I really don't have any friends to hang out with here other then Grant and his friends and as much as I love Grant often it gets old hanging out with the same person everyday and expecting them to entertain you. I think if I was home there would always be something going on with either friends or family or who knows what but always something. Then Monday night I did the worst thing of all and I started calculating how much time there is till I visit home which in my terms is pretty soon, May, but I also calculated how much time it is till my Parents come in March and that is a long time away. I started crying and told Grant it will be a long time from after my next visit with my family till when they come and visit and his response was its a long time till May! That did not help.

Anyways I guess I just have to get over it because I have made an effort to make friends but it feels like most people are too busy to add more friends into their lives and I am not going to be one of those weird people who are talking to complete strangers on the bus.
That is when I decided that we have to go home again maybe next Christmas.
ok enough said I am off to work

Monday, February 15, 2010

Crazy Day

Today I got my finger prints done at the police station and sent them off to the FBI to get clearance because of course I am a dangerous person ha ha hopefully it comes back soon so I can turn in the immigration forms.
Right from the post office I went straight to work nannying. Picked up the little boy then drove to the airport to pick up the mom and little girl from there trip to Aus. Tomorrow they are moving to a new house and the next 2 days are going to be really crazy.

Last night for valentines day we went out to dinner at Lone Star a Texas/ Mexican place that is really good. After that we had the Frozen hot chocolate sent from our family friend Betty. It comes from serendipity 3 and it is the best thing I have ever had yum yum!

Anyways better go to sleep soon cause I have to be up very early to miss all the nasty traffic.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love You A Latte

Happy Valentines day everyone! Yesterday we went to the mall cause like I mentioned a few posts back that when I jumped over that creek on our hike I fell and broke my sun glasses.
There was literally nothing to chose from but I decided on these huge ones because they were comfortable. Last night we watched the Olympics and we went to Crocketts house and hung out with him and Jasmin. I ended up falling asleep on there couch, it is rude I know but really we were just watching TV and talking and I have been really really tired. That is about the third time I have gone to someone Else's house and fell asleep, everyone must think I am a freak ha ha.

This morning, Valentines day I woke up first and made my breakfast and took some photos of my glasses and all the stuff my mom got us for today.

Cute card

Bag of candy for Grant and yummy granola bars for me.

Super cute tea towels that say I love you a latte. When these first came I kept saying to Grant do you get it ha ha I love you a Latte so cute.

After I took these photos Grant woke up and walked past me to the bathroom and I hear him say Fashion is a weird thing. I said what are you talking about and he comes out and points at his head and says fashion is a weird thing ha ha ha. I had to take a picture of him, he woke up and his hair just looked like this, sooo funny.
I told him lots of people would spend a lot of time to get that Fonzie look and you just wake up with it ha ha ha. Every morning there is something to laugh about.

Grant said that in New Zealand guys don't celebrate Valentines day, which is a lie because when I asked Matt and Crockett a while back they both agreed with Grant but then said yeah we are not celebrating but we are taking our girl friends out and getting wine and going on a walk all that oooy gooey stuff so ha ha they do celebrate it.
I told Grant we don't need to get each other anything but why don't we go out for a nice late lunch early dinner, so that is the plan. As for this morning we are going for a walk for exercise!
My eating healthy and working out has been paying off I have already been able to lose 8 pounds in 12 days, that was the easy weight what I have to lose now is going to be a slow journey.
This is what the card that my mom got me does!
Tomorrow is going to be a huge day I have to get to the police station in the morning to get finger printed for immigration, send the finger prints to the USA to get the police check, drive to my nanny job and pick up the little boy, drive with little boy to airport to pick up mom and little girl from their trip and possibly hang out with the kids for a little bit while the mom unpacks.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Working on Art

Today I went to my swim class, and after we all met up for coffee and then I did the shopping.
I then decided that I had to start on some art that I have been putting aside for a while. I always come up with tons of stuff I have to do before I start on my art so I finally said I am going to just put everything else aside and start on the art.
I was able to finish a painting for Mel and soon I will start on some more projects that I have started and not finished.

Here I am in case everyone forgot what I look like.

Here is the watercolor done.

When Grant got home about an hour ago we made chicken spaghetti dinner and it turned out pretty good.

Another week flys by

I feel like the weeks are just flying by, sort of. The days I work creep by but the days off fly by. Grant had today off because the house he was suppose to work on was not ready yet so of course that threw my day a little off but I still finished a lot of stuff.

Around 730 we went for a walk in Takapuna along the beach and it was really beautiful and nice. I wish the weather would stay like this forever. I also started a watercolor that I should have done ages ago.

Tomorrow is keep fit swim and I can't wait. No plans for this weekend so far, but I know something will pop up. I guess this is a pretty boring post but thought I should write something.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Keep fit Swim

I have my keep fit swim class in about 5 minutes, but I thought I would do a short blog before I leave. Saturday we were left with a note on the little white board that hangs by the door. It said can you please lock the door thanks. Reading this was quite annoying because we are always locking the door and also setting this stupid alarm that we have. I guess when we left the other night around 7pm (still early it doesn't get dark here till 10pm) and they were still home one of us forgot to lock the door. That is really the only time I can think of us ever no locking it, we are convinced that they are paranoid about the security situation. So yesterday we went to check out a place that is for rent around the corner, but sadly it wasn't what we are looking for. Oh well, we are still going to keep an eye out for another place because it is really annoying having to deal with the others and the alarm and the shared kitchen.

Around 2pm we went to Matt and Crocketts house and we all went swimming, it was a lot of fun. We had some huge road cones that we were using to shoot water at each other.
On our way home we stopped by the store and got some Salmon to make for dinner and it was great. I was really excited to see that Twilight the movie was on tv last night cause I had not seen it yet. Lets just say I thought it was so bad that I fell asleep during the middle. I asked Grant how was it he said on a scale of one to ten it was half a point.

On Saturday night we went to the movies and saw Invictus and we both really liked it.
I would say the beginning is a little slow because they have to explain a little history but about half way through it gets really good.

My goal today is to swim, work on immigration stuff, draw and possibly paint and work on some projects that I am starting.
off to swim class =) Oh yeah and get some new sunnys mine broke when I jumped over the creek and fell ha ha

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Hike

Last night we ended up going to Matt's house (where we use to live) for a party. We show up and it is just Matt hahahhaha. He said I told you to come over 2 hours ago and Grant said who was here and he said Dave hahhah so really there was no party at all but we still hung out for a while and finally Crocket and Jasmin came home so we stayed even longer and talked.

This morning we went to a few surf shops because Grant wants a new surf board and he wanted to check out different prices. He is convinced that he needs a new board, but I told him I don't think its going to happen cause all our money should be saved for going to Australia.

We decided to go for a hike for exercise today. So about 630 we set out on a hike track. About 10 minutes into the hike we came up to a place where I had to jump over some water and so I ran and jumped (knowing that I would probably a. not make it or b. fall on the other side).
I cleared the water but hit the other side and slipped in the mud and fell on my knee and Palm. When I jumped up Grant was doubled over laughing ha ha, very funny. Thank goodness it was mud that I fell into cause that is why I didn't hurt myself. About 2 minutes after my fall I had to pee so I found a place to go but wasn't paying attention and peed on my pants!

Grant's comment was, we have been walking for only 15 minutes and you have already fallen and peed your pants. My response was oh well at least we are exercising and we carried on our way. In the end we walked for about 40 minutes and it was fun so I was happy.

In about an hour we are going to see the movie Invictus. I will post what I think about it next, apparently my dad loved it and said it is a must see.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am determined to get in shape! It is my new goal. Something finally clicked in my brain yesterday and I told myself that this is it, no more junk food and no more being lazy and not working out. Besides being thin or fat the main thing is being healthy and I don't think tortilla chips and chili and chocolate covered raisins and cereal and tim tams (chocolate cookies) and huge portions of everything is very healthy is it?

I looked at what I was eating the other day and I actually thought of what it was doing to my body and the amount of nutritional content and I really grossed myself out (said in a valley girl voice, gross me out).

Yesterday I sorta started by eating less and doing my Tao BO video and going for a walk with Grant, But today like I said above it just clicked and I said this is it! I believe when it comes to eating healthy and working out it has nothing to do with anything but your will power and your determination, really its all in your head either you are ready to do it or your not. Nothing is worse then when you want to look thin but you don't feel like working out or eating right. When in this state of mind you eat junk then don't eat anything for a while then sort of half ass work out, I always end up just getting mad at myself, that is why for the holidays I just took a break from it all but now I am getting in shape.

I have about 15 pounds or about 7kg that I would like to lose. I started today with my one hour swim class and then I went grocery store shopping to get tons of veggies and eggs and fruit and chicken, all the real healthy stuff. The good thing about working out is the more you do the more you want to do, like a high that comes from working out and for me the same goes for eating, if I eat all healthy stuff all I want is more healthy stuff and even the thought of cookies doesn't tempt me.

Below is a picture of what I look like now (or a few weeks ago)

Below is a picture of me when I was 15 pounds thinner, it doesn't look like a huge difference and the clothes in the picture below still fit but I just want them to fit like they did in the photo rather then looking like a stuffed sausage.

That is what is happening today and I am going to work on some art and fill out my immigration papers.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last Long Weekend Pics

Here are the pictures from last weekend. They are pretty much self explanatory but I will still do captions for those who love to read.


Jasmin, Crockett, Grant

Grant and me (at beach duh)

messing around

trying to fit 4 big people under one tiny umbrella

Crockett pointing something out to Jasmin

Cleaning after dinner

The full moon (we are blaming the full moon for us not catching any fish)

Full moon over my head

It rained on our drive home.
Today is my first day off since we got back from our long weekend, the last two days were spent nannying. All of today so far has been laundry and cleaning.
I have decided that now that all the holidays are over I really need to start eating healthy again and exercising. I have already eaten all my food for the day and its only 230 hahahhaha I doubt I will get hungry again anyways. I still need to work out today hopefully a walk or maybe the shred DVD. I did vacuum and mop the whole place and do laundry that must count for something.
Anyways off to do some art and work out.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Friday night we drove up to Grant's Bach. We didn't get there till about 11pm, Crockett and Jasmin (new girl friend?) were already there just hanging out on the tail gate of the back of his car.
Saturday we went to the beach and the guys surfed and we layed out in the shade of an umbrella (mostly) cause it is just too hot here. Sunday it was really really hot and humid and I went with the guys to the beach and while they surfed I read and layed out. I have realized as long as I have a ton of sun block on and a hat it isn't that bad and I never get burned. Jasmin stayed back and relaxed cause she had to much sun from the day before. Sunday night we went out on the boat to catch a ton of fish and we had no luck at all. Not one of us even got a bite! It turned out to be a huge waste of energy and I felt sea sick cause it was so windy and rocky! = NO FUN ha ha

Today Monday is a holiday, Auckland Anniversary day, we got up this morning to gale force winds and rain and put everything away and cleaned up and drove home.

I decided in this blog to just do the videos and no pics, I will do that in the next blog =)

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