Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Already Thursday!

Its already Thursday and it feels like this week just started. Nothing new has really happened just been working and picking up a few extra nanny hours here and there. Pretty boring I guess. This weekend we are going to Jamin's family's house for Saturday and Sunday. She has told us that her dad has a large property with a lot of off roading vehicles and a digger and some paint ball guns. Grant and Crockett are super excited and I am a little scared ha ha.

The internet has been really bad as usual and I have been working on art but really its all the same old story. There have been a few things that have happened now that I think about it; last night we went to dinner at Grant's dad's house and last night there was a cockroach on the table next to our bed that Grant had to kill, and I finished reading a book and started up another but that's not very entertaining. Hopefully after Saturday I will have a good adventure to talk about.


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