Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Big Three

Today I went to swim class and then came home and cleaned the place and did laundry then got ready and headed off to the little boy I am a nanny for third birthday. It was mainly family and only a few friends. The perfect small party for a 3 year old. Everyone had a great time and ate lots of rich chocolate cake. When I left I decided that I don't need dinner because the cake was so rich I am still really full.
I got him a hula hoop, a photo album I filled up, a cars t-shirt, and some art stuff. He loved the gifts and it is all stuff that we can use while I am watching them.
Below: waiting for the cake to be cut yum yum the kids could hardly contain them selves
Below are 2 pictures from when we went out to dinner on valentines day.

Grant and I both decided the reason why I feel like I miss home so much and keep getting upset is we have not really been having much fun. We do the same thing each day; go to work, come home, watch TV, get ready for the next day or clean and it is really repetitive and boring. The whole reason why we have not been going out is we are trying to save money for our trip to Australia in April, but really I think we have both decided that the money saved is just not worth having no life so we are going to do more stuff.
Who knows what will come up this weekend but I refuse to do nothing again!


Anonymous said...

I love the wee man's curls, they are gorgeous!! (and yours too!!).

I always find when I have too much time on my hands I get a bit down and miss my friends and family back home. Keeping busy works for me!!

Take care

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