Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am determined to get in shape! It is my new goal. Something finally clicked in my brain yesterday and I told myself that this is it, no more junk food and no more being lazy and not working out. Besides being thin or fat the main thing is being healthy and I don't think tortilla chips and chili and chocolate covered raisins and cereal and tim tams (chocolate cookies) and huge portions of everything is very healthy is it?

I looked at what I was eating the other day and I actually thought of what it was doing to my body and the amount of nutritional content and I really grossed myself out (said in a valley girl voice, gross me out).

Yesterday I sorta started by eating less and doing my Tao BO video and going for a walk with Grant, But today like I said above it just clicked and I said this is it! I believe when it comes to eating healthy and working out it has nothing to do with anything but your will power and your determination, really its all in your head either you are ready to do it or your not. Nothing is worse then when you want to look thin but you don't feel like working out or eating right. When in this state of mind you eat junk then don't eat anything for a while then sort of half ass work out, I always end up just getting mad at myself, that is why for the holidays I just took a break from it all but now I am getting in shape.

I have about 15 pounds or about 7kg that I would like to lose. I started today with my one hour swim class and then I went grocery store shopping to get tons of veggies and eggs and fruit and chicken, all the real healthy stuff. The good thing about working out is the more you do the more you want to do, like a high that comes from working out and for me the same goes for eating, if I eat all healthy stuff all I want is more healthy stuff and even the thought of cookies doesn't tempt me.

Below is a picture of what I look like now (or a few weeks ago)

Below is a picture of me when I was 15 pounds thinner, it doesn't look like a huge difference and the clothes in the picture below still fit but I just want them to fit like they did in the photo rather then looking like a stuffed sausage.

That is what is happening today and I am going to work on some art and fill out my immigration papers.


Anna said...

Shannon, either way you're beautiful. Don't forget that! Good luck with the dieting though! :)

beeswax said...

You Go Girl!!!
That's the spirit!!!
You can do it if you want it!!!

I'll be your cheering squad leader. Like Anna said, you're beautiful either way, but I know you feel really good when you are in shape and healthy, and that you start getting depressed when you are out of control. You do have control of youself and that's a good thing. I wish I did.

Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Kick ass, kiddo. I know you can do it, 'cause you have before.

Love ya'...


Anonymous said...

Hey, you look great in both photos Shannon!!

You are soooo have great legs!!!

Enjoy Summer!!

Take care

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