Friday, February 5, 2010

The Hike

Last night we ended up going to Matt's house (where we use to live) for a party. We show up and it is just Matt hahahhaha. He said I told you to come over 2 hours ago and Grant said who was here and he said Dave hahhah so really there was no party at all but we still hung out for a while and finally Crocket and Jasmin came home so we stayed even longer and talked.

This morning we went to a few surf shops because Grant wants a new surf board and he wanted to check out different prices. He is convinced that he needs a new board, but I told him I don't think its going to happen cause all our money should be saved for going to Australia.

We decided to go for a hike for exercise today. So about 630 we set out on a hike track. About 10 minutes into the hike we came up to a place where I had to jump over some water and so I ran and jumped (knowing that I would probably a. not make it or b. fall on the other side).
I cleared the water but hit the other side and slipped in the mud and fell on my knee and Palm. When I jumped up Grant was doubled over laughing ha ha, very funny. Thank goodness it was mud that I fell into cause that is why I didn't hurt myself. About 2 minutes after my fall I had to pee so I found a place to go but wasn't paying attention and peed on my pants!

Grant's comment was, we have been walking for only 15 minutes and you have already fallen and peed your pants. My response was oh well at least we are exercising and we carried on our way. In the end we walked for about 40 minutes and it was fun so I was happy.

In about an hour we are going to see the movie Invictus. I will post what I think about it next, apparently my dad loved it and said it is a must see.


beeswax said...

Fun hike! A little too much public information about the "P"-ing.

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