Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It is so humid here right now! My hair looks like a poodles. I have 5 minutes before I leave for work for the last day this week. I told Grant last night I am so worn out from today and he said you are already half way through the work week ha ha I think that is his joke cause I only work 2 days, very funny.
Anyways the last 2 days I have been sad cause I really don't have any friends to hang out with here other then Grant and his friends and as much as I love Grant often it gets old hanging out with the same person everyday and expecting them to entertain you. I think if I was home there would always be something going on with either friends or family or who knows what but always something. Then Monday night I did the worst thing of all and I started calculating how much time there is till I visit home which in my terms is pretty soon, May, but I also calculated how much time it is till my Parents come in March and that is a long time away. I started crying and told Grant it will be a long time from after my next visit with my family till when they come and visit and his response was its a long time till May! That did not help.

Anyways I guess I just have to get over it because I have made an effort to make friends but it feels like most people are too busy to add more friends into their lives and I am not going to be one of those weird people who are talking to complete strangers on the bus.
That is when I decided that we have to go home again maybe next Christmas.
ok enough said I am off to work


beeswax said...

You have lots of family and friends here who miss you so much. We would all love for you to come home to stay, especially ME!!!!
(no pressure)
Love you and miss you, MOM

Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon,

If you ever need someone different to talk to or have a coffee or anything, give me a call! I live and work with the same guy so I totally know where you are comng from!!! at least I have Ruby...until she learns how to talk back that is. At the moment she just has to listen ;o)

Keep smiling :o)

Shannon Olson said...

Thanks Mel and mom your comments always make me feel better!

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