Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last Long Weekend Pics

Here are the pictures from last weekend. They are pretty much self explanatory but I will still do captions for those who love to read.


Jasmin, Crockett, Grant

Grant and me (at beach duh)

messing around

trying to fit 4 big people under one tiny umbrella

Crockett pointing something out to Jasmin

Cleaning after dinner

The full moon (we are blaming the full moon for us not catching any fish)

Full moon over my head

It rained on our drive home.
Today is my first day off since we got back from our long weekend, the last two days were spent nannying. All of today so far has been laundry and cleaning.
I have decided that now that all the holidays are over I really need to start eating healthy again and exercising. I have already eaten all my food for the day and its only 230 hahahhaha I doubt I will get hungry again anyways. I still need to work out today hopefully a walk or maybe the shred DVD. I did vacuum and mop the whole place and do laundry that must count for something.
Anyways off to do some art and work out.


Anonymous said...

I started the whole 'eat healthy, drink water instead of wine & beer and exercise' thing this week, unfortunately I have very little self control around 3pm!! and 6pm and... Oh well I'm drinking less beer...I guess that's a good thing??

At least the healthy thoughts are there!!

Take care

Shannon Olson said...

I read something a while back that said even if you think about trying to lose weight you are more likely to. So keep up with the positive thoughts, geting in shape is no easy task hahahah

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