Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love You A Latte

Happy Valentines day everyone! Yesterday we went to the mall cause like I mentioned a few posts back that when I jumped over that creek on our hike I fell and broke my sun glasses.
There was literally nothing to chose from but I decided on these huge ones because they were comfortable. Last night we watched the Olympics and we went to Crocketts house and hung out with him and Jasmin. I ended up falling asleep on there couch, it is rude I know but really we were just watching TV and talking and I have been really really tired. That is about the third time I have gone to someone Else's house and fell asleep, everyone must think I am a freak ha ha.

This morning, Valentines day I woke up first and made my breakfast and took some photos of my glasses and all the stuff my mom got us for today.

Cute card

Bag of candy for Grant and yummy granola bars for me.

Super cute tea towels that say I love you a latte. When these first came I kept saying to Grant do you get it ha ha I love you a Latte so cute.

After I took these photos Grant woke up and walked past me to the bathroom and I hear him say Fashion is a weird thing. I said what are you talking about and he comes out and points at his head and says fashion is a weird thing ha ha ha. I had to take a picture of him, he woke up and his hair just looked like this, sooo funny.
I told him lots of people would spend a lot of time to get that Fonzie look and you just wake up with it ha ha ha. Every morning there is something to laugh about.

Grant said that in New Zealand guys don't celebrate Valentines day, which is a lie because when I asked Matt and Crockett a while back they both agreed with Grant but then said yeah we are not celebrating but we are taking our girl friends out and getting wine and going on a walk all that oooy gooey stuff so ha ha they do celebrate it.
I told Grant we don't need to get each other anything but why don't we go out for a nice late lunch early dinner, so that is the plan. As for this morning we are going for a walk for exercise!
My eating healthy and working out has been paying off I have already been able to lose 8 pounds in 12 days, that was the easy weight what I have to lose now is going to be a slow journey.
This is what the card that my mom got me does!
Tomorrow is going to be a huge day I have to get to the police station in the morning to get finger printed for immigration, send the finger prints to the USA to get the police check, drive to my nanny job and pick up the little boy, drive with little boy to airport to pick up mom and little girl from their trip and possibly hang out with the kids for a little bit while the mom unpacks.


Anna said...

Grant looks like the guy from Flock of Seagulls! Go 80s!

Lacey said...

what a nice mom you have to send you all that cute vday stuff! 8 lbs in 12 days is a lot, way to go!!

beeswax said...

I found your 8 lbs. It's in my belly. Happy Valentine's Day. Good luck tomorrow on the fingerprinting and the airport trip. Love the big Jackie O glasses. You are our little Princess and always will be.
Miss you a bunch and Love YOU!!!

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