Friday, February 19, 2010

Stay Calm Or Don't Whatever

Last night we decided to go out and meet some of Grant's friends at the back yard bar in Northcote. We got arrived in our cab meeting Jed and Jem and Matt. We had a couple of drinks and watched the rugby game then we all got a van taxi to the Copper Room in Takapuna. When we got there we met up with Crockett and Jasmin. We had several drinks and everyone was having a great time dancing until Matt comes in and says Grant's out side. I follow him out and apparently the big fat ugly door man wont let him back in! I guess they felt he was to drunk. The thing is he was no more drunk then anyone else but I think cause he is so tall he stands out. My question to him was why did you go out side to start with? Anyways in my super drunk state I sweetly asked if Grant could come back in and when Mr door man said no I then turned in to a crazy person who might have pulled the fingers and told the door man where he belongs!
His response was is that how a lady should act? My response was I think SO!
This guy was a total power hungry freak who looked like he was right off the Jersey Shore fake man tan and dyed black hair ahahahhaha I was so pissed off!

We ended up going next door to an Irish bar where we were kindly let in and served a drink. Now if Grant was really that drunk would they have served him a drink? I don't think so! But the only thing that sucked was all our friends were still next door. Oh well we still had a good time and caught a cab home after our drink at the Irish bar.

Here is a progression of pictures from the night.

At home posing and pre dancing

Looking good till I found these funny glasses, then Grant turned into the pic below. This is before we have even gone out.

So funny.
Below we are at the Irish bar, Grant was the only one dancing ha ha

and making friends with the band

So a few lessons were learned
1. Always eat before we go out(we only had a few crackers)
2. Pace our selves when drinking
3. don't go out side for any reason at all
4. Try your best to stay calm while being kicked out
5. Try to act like a lady (maybe Grant should have tried that on the door man)
Review of Copper Room; shitty drinks (we had to have them fixed 2 different times) rude door men and horrible food(we have ate there before) and We won't be back!


beeswax said...

That's my girl.... always ready for a fight, especially with authority.
The new top and shoes we sent look really nice on you.
At least you went out.
Love, MOM

Lacey said...

you look so cute, i love your hair! sucks the doorman was a dickwad, at least you spoke your mind =)

Anonymous said...

haha i love how you told him off!
you look good! looks like you guys are having fun =)


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