Saturday, February 27, 2010



Nannyed from 12 till 6pm
Made plans to meet Alina
Changed plans to meet Alina with Grant and everyone else we know at a bar
Took cab to town
Drank in bar and watched a friend sing and rap
Left the bar to run wild through the Chinese New Year in the Park
Went to a different bar, Rakinos (we have been denied 5 times before) not what its cracked up to be
Grant and I broke out of the group and went to burger king
We caught a cab home
Probably $300 dollars later we called it a night.

Got up thinking we were going away for the weekend to Jasmins house
Skyped by Jasmin and Crockett saying we are not going away for the weekend
Instead we decided to go to music in the park
Got horrible chicken wrap from McDonalds
Threw out wrap
Stopped to get booze
Went to Crocketts house and all drove to the park
Sat in the blazing sun and drank and listened to music
Thought I was going to pass out from heat
Got up on my own and sat along the fence with all the bums for some shade
Bands ended and we drove home
Passed out for a 2 hour nap with everyone else on Crocketts couch
Reminded again that drinking during the day in the sun is never good

Get up and decide to make a giant omelet
Turn on the tv and see tsunami warning headed right to NZ
Run to get ready and leave to go see tsunami
Arrive at top of giant hill (Mt Vic) to a huge group of people all there doing the same thing
No wave
Drive down to ocean front
Pass a skate boarder who yells no tsunami ha
No tsunami
Go to Market place in Takapuna
Buy limes and cilantro
Go to Close out amazon clothing sale
Bought billa bong jeans, and 2 shirts all for $70 bucks
Grant got new white shoes
Home to take a nap and make chicken tacos


beeswax said...

Looks like you had a very active weekend. Love you. MOM

Anonymous said...

I'm worn out just reading your blog. You go, girl.

Love ya'...


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