Thursday, February 11, 2010

Working on Art

Today I went to my swim class, and after we all met up for coffee and then I did the shopping.
I then decided that I had to start on some art that I have been putting aside for a while. I always come up with tons of stuff I have to do before I start on my art so I finally said I am going to just put everything else aside and start on the art.
I was able to finish a painting for Mel and soon I will start on some more projects that I have started and not finished.

Here I am in case everyone forgot what I look like.

Here is the watercolor done.

When Grant got home about an hour ago we made chicken spaghetti dinner and it turned out pretty good.


beeswax said...

Shannon, your paintings and drawings of cars are getting as good as your portraits of people.
You need to dedicated time to your art.
Love you, MOM

Anonymous said...

Shannon, that car means alot to Craig and I, we went halves in it instead of getting married and Ruby came home from the hospital in it. I know it's just a car to many people but to us it's way more than that. Thank you soooo much, you have captured it's 'soul'. We love it and we LOVE your painting!!
Can't wait 'til we finish the Nomad and you can paint that too!!
Love your work!!


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