Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beach Hop

Friday night we went to see the movie Boy. It was a great movie not as funny as I was thinking it might be but really good!

Saturday we drove to Whangamata to the Beach Hop. There were tons of classic cars and people having a great time! We walked for probably 2 hours just back and forth looking at the cars and going into some of the shops.

Above is a dance contest

Lots of girls were dressed in rock a billy

Dick Tracey?

For lunch we got some subway and ate at the beach. I lasted about 10 minutes, there were too many flies and bugs and it was really sunny and hot. I forgot to put sun screen on and my shoulders got a little red!

This was an Elvis singer hahahhah he was not that good but very funny to watch.
We drove home around 4pm cause we decided that it was not worth staying the night.
Sunday we visited Grant's dad and rented some DVDs and I packed our clothes for our trip to Australia. I know the trip is still 3 days away but I work the next 2 days and when we leave it will be at 430AM! I know I have over packed but I just don't know what I am going to want to wear.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Mall

Happy Friday! Last night Grant and I went to my friends Alina and Tom's house for some wine and crackers. We had a great time catching up. I was happy until we got home and I got into a small f i g h t with someone who I won't name hahahhah.
I woke up still irritated and decided that I was not going to do any cleaning or laundry anymore cause I don't feel like it. When I realized that I did not feel like drawing I decided I would go shopping!

I started driving to the mall and quickly realized that I had made a huge circle and was headed back from where I came from? Very confusing, after about 30 min of driving I got to the mall and decided that I would start with some sushi. It is always a little weird eating by yourself but I am sorta use to doing everything by myself now. From eating I went to the book store and looked around there for quite a while and found a cute card for a friend that is having a b-day soon. Then I bought one of those smelly things with the sticks in it to make your room smell nice and then it was on to a clothing store where I found a really cute shirt for $10 woo hoo!
I finished my shopping trip with some frozen yogurt with chocolate sause on it yum yum!

Tonight I am going to the movies to see Boy, a NZ comedy about a boy growing up in NZ in the 1980's. It is suppose to be really funny and I am excited to see it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So Super Excited!

This time next week we will be in Australia! I can't wait, I am thinking everyday what I will be bringing. Hahahahhaha cause I have never been I don't know what to expect, but what ever I don't bring if I need it I can buy it. I asked Grant this morning "do you think we should just buy some shampoo and shave cream over there?" He looked at me like I was crazy, he doesn't pack or think ahead at all, we are completely opposite. When he visited me in the USA he forgot a tooth brush and deodorant and just about everything he needs, so our first stop was the store to get some. My thinking on the matter is we are almost out of all bathroom stuff so we might as well buy it there rather than buy it here then cart it over, and then I don't have to worry about it exploding in my clothes.
I am so super excited I am going to spend this weekend deciding what I will bring and sorting out what luggage we will take.
Finally the pictures I was trying to show in the last blog up loaded
Here is the drawing I did of Dean
Below are the cookies I made. The top cookie is Grant's special cookie he made hahhaha and Ate.

Monday, March 22, 2010

9 Days till Aus

Last night I made the basic biscuit recipe from the Edmonds cook book and they turned out really good. The cookies remind me of a cookie my Grandma use to make called ice box cookies.
( I took pictures but my internet is so Shitty that it won't up load so imagine a pic of a plate full of a heap of tiny brown chocolate cookies)

A few weeks ago I did a drawing of Dean, my cousin Lacey's little boy and sent it to her. Of course he is a little older now.
(again internet is crap so imagine Dean ha ha or check it out on my moms blog )

There are only 9 days left till we go to Australia! I can't wait, it is going to be lots of fun and a good break from the same old routine.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Work Weekend

So Friday night Grant and I stayed the night at the people I nanny for's house. The reason for this is it is in walking distance to a few places to eat and drink and we thought it would be fun to be in a different place. So we got take away noodles and walked up to a close bar and had a few drinks. The next morning was good too cause we woke up and used the kitchen to make pancakes yum yum.

Saturday morning I picked up the kids I nanny for and watched them all weekend. I of course missed out on a huge going away party for some friends, but I guess that is what happens every time I say yes to working.

Sunday afternoon when I got home I was too tired to really do anything so I just relaxed.
The internet is still cutting out every 5 minutes and annoying the hell out of me. I have resorted to coming up stairs and plugging the cord right into my computer so now I know it won't cut out while I write this. Honestly now more then ever before I can not wait to move out of here and into some place where we have our own kitchen and internet and a bathroom with a window.

The stress about my immigration continues I didn't really sleep at all last night I just tossed and turned and woke up with a stomach ache, I really hope the FBI clearance comes while we are in Australia. As for today I will definitely be working on art because I won't have the internet when I get down stairs.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big Ball of Stress

I am a big ball of stress and I will tell you why!
Today is March 19th and my visa expires on May 14th. It takes from 30 to 60 days to get another visa. That would be the perfect amount of time, the only problem is I am awaiting FBI criminal check and that takes 13 weeks. That means that if I have to wait the whole 13 weeks I am screwed when it comes to my visa. To make matters worse I just checked my credit card and the FBI has not charged me yet meaning they have not even delt with my form yet.

I really am at a loss at what to do. I went to the FBI website and there is no one to contact and no way of checking whether they even recieved my paper work. Oh My God! I am trying not to freak out but it is really hard. What if I can't get a visa and then can't come back into the country?

I really don't know what to do?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks day

Hello and happy St. Patricks day to everyone in the USA. Of course we celebrated our day yesterday, we are one day ahead on everything so how I feel now, a little dizzy from one to many beers is how you, who go out will feel tomorrow ha ha.

Yesterday night was fun, after work Grant and I decided to go out for some drinks and just as we decided he got a phone call from Matt to meet them at the back yard bar. There was the normal group of people and we all hung out and had a few beers. Then we decided to head off to Takapuna where it would be more "happening", anyways we ended up at the same bar that Grant got kicked out of the last time! I was trying to avoid that bouncer that I yelled at lol, but I doubt that he would have remembered me.

Long story short Grant got kicked out again hahhahahahhhahhahah! This time it was not for being drunk it was for having fun. I have figured out that our problem is that we are always standing by the front door right next to all the bouncers who are bored and looking for something to do, if we just stood 10 feet away from the door I doubt there would be a problem.

The incident goes like this: we arrive and have a beer, there is music and everyone is talking and dancing and having fun, Nick now has a tall green hat on and I take and wear it, Nick takes it back, everyone is getting louder and crazier, dancing and having fun, next thing some how I notice Grant is holding a green balloon, then a balloon is floating towards me I hit it into the crowd ha ha, then Grant has another balloon, apparently a rude Asian girl says something along the lines of move to Grant, Asian girl gets balloon popped in face, Grant is pulled out of club, I am tapped on my shoulder and told by Dave that Grant is outside waiting for me ha ha hahahahhaha.
No sweat we just headed next door to the real Irish bar and had more beer there. There was an Irish band and we got to do our river dance impersonation

We took a cab home and laughed the whole way!
Today I am working on art, cleaning, laundry, pretty much the usual. Getting ready for this weekend because I will be working nannying over night! Hope it goes well and no one freaks out (especially me).

Oh yeah also it is the official countdown to our trip to Australia! I am so excited! 13 days!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Work days

First off, in my last blog I was very irritated and after a conversation with my mom I realized that I just really miss my family and I get very sad and instead of realizing that I am sad I blame everything else. So I had my day of being sad and now I am feeling a lot better. Thanks Mel for the nice comments I think I will take you up on hanging out more often =).

Today I worked and came home to the internet cutting out every 5 minutes (the same thing it did all day yesterday) so I asked them to reset it and so far so good, although its only been about 10 min so far.
I read that someone is trying to get a faster internet cable to NZ and Aus and my vote is the sooner the better, I guess it will cost like 9 million dollars! yikes!

Anyways back to work tomorrow then hopefully getting lots of art work done on Thursday.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Lately I have been irritated! I am not sure if I just have horrible timing or what the deal is? This is what happens; Friday night I say yes to babysitting late, then that same night Grant texts to say there is going to be a house party and that I can come after babysitting. So I bring a change of clothes and show up at the party, but everyone knows that when you show up late and have not been drinking or partying you are on a different level then everyone who has been drinking and partying for hours. So it turned out I had one drink felt like I didn't really fit in and 1 hour later we left and I drove us home.
On Saturday because Grant had been drinking all night he didn't feel like doing anything, well of course I really wanted to do something anything really, he did text his friends but everyone was tired from the party! (this is where if I had family or friends of my own I would just go casually hang out with them) We sat home all day until night when we attempted to rent a movie, but we did not have proof of address???? to get the membership card (what a waste of time).
Sunday rolls around and I have said yes to babysitting Sybilla (which was fun), but when I call Grant to ask him if I should get dinner before I get home or are we making something he is having a grand time with his friends apparently they went mini golfing! This immediately made me feel really really pissed off!
This is the problem I should not care what Grant does and he should be able to live his life but I do care because being here away from all my family and friends has made me rely on him for all my entertainment. Because I have no one else besides him to hang out with I am either with him or all alone! And it gets old doing everything by your self.
I said yes to babysitting over night for next weekend and the other day we get a face book invitation for that same weekend, 2 of Grant's friends are leaving to go overseas for a while and that is there huge blow out going away party! I can not believe that the only weekends I ever book something is the same weekend that there is a party or something going on! When this stuff happens it just makes me want to get on a plane and fly home!!!!!!
It doesn't help living where we do, in pretty much someones garage. On my days off I am at home working on art and so when we sit home on weekends when we should be doing something fun I am in the same friggen house all the time and I hate it!!!!!!!
Anyways enough of me being upset and mad. Here are some photos of Sybilla and I. We went to her swim class yesterday, the park, walked up to the shops for some sushi, watched peter pan and had a good time. She is so cute and courteous, always saying thank you and please.
Serious Reading.
Time to go for a walk and get on with the day!

Friday, March 12, 2010


This morning we made pancakes out of the Edmonds cook book and to tell you the truth the first pancake was so bad that we had to take it back to the drawing board. I added some sugar to the batter and some more milk and they turned out ok. Once the topping of syrup and blue berries were on, it was delicious. Yum yum I had 2 pancakes and a side of scrambled eggs.

Last night I did some babysitting from 7 till 11:30pm. From there I drove just around the corner where Grant was at a house party and we all partied for a few hours. Because I only had one drink I was able to drive us, saving $50!

We have no plans for today, but I know we will get up to something. Tomorrow it is a full 10 hour day of nannying!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

When We Were Younger

First off Breaking News! I have started another blog for my car related art!
Please check it out Thanks everyone =)

A few months ago Grant and I were at his dad's house having dinner when I saw this huge box of pictures that I decided to help myself to. I chose a stack to take home and scan and until today I didn't have the energy to scan the pictures. Then I thought hey no one on the blog has seen what we look like when we were young sooooo here it is some pictures from when we were little and a few from when we weren't so little.
I must say we were both very cute kids and very gangly teenagers. Sorry to say I don't have any pics of myself from when I was a teenager or younger cause they are all at home, Thank God!

This is My mom, me and my baby when I was about 2 years.
Here I am at 4 years. What a stylish outfit.

This is exciting we are all wearing pink. Lacey, Kristen, and me.
Here is Grant and his Brother Adam I would guess age 2.

This is such a cute photo I think Grant looks like a beaver.

Here they are on some family trip. Don't they look kinda like they belong on the Muppet show.
Here is Grant's mum Joanne and the Mc Donald's hats.
Here is X-mas morning, looks like they are ready to tackle that new box of Lego's.
Grant is looking upset, maybe its cause he does not have a stick to hold over the fire.
Go mullet Go
This is Classic 80's, check out the matching sweat suits.
Just acting cool.
Right before all his fingers were bit.
Picnic anyone?
Yay Christmas Crackers!!!
Lets torture this baby.
I am guessing Grant is about 20 or 21 here. What lovely long locks!
Here I am with all my college roommates, guessing I am 21.
Here I am at 21 later in the year because that is when I thought it would be a good idea to be very blond. Yikes!
Today so far I have cleaned and done some laundry, blogged and soon I will be starting a CHRR Drawing. Then tonight I am babysitting again. With all this extra babysitting this week I am working about 43 hours, pretty good considering my normal work week is 20 hours.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Afghan Cookies are Yummy

This morning I got up and made Afghan biscuits (cookies) out of the Edmonds Cookery Book.
The cookies turned out really really good! They are probably the most unhealthy cookies you can eat but the good thing is they are so rich that one cookie is enough. Pretty much they are made out of sugar and butter and cocoa. They were relatively easy to make and the icing for the top was really easy too. The only problem I came across was I used 2 different cookie sheets and one of them made the cookies perfect and the other for some odd reason cooked the cookies but a few of them fell apart when I picked them up? hmmm don't know why. Of course it wasn't a problem because I just ate those cookies so no one needs to know ha ha.

Without icing and below with icing.

They are so yummy

The good thing about making your own food is you see what goes into it and that makes me eat less, knowing its all sugar and butter lol.
Today the plan is get some art sent home, work on staring some new drawings, and tonight baby sitting.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I felt like screaming all day today. Starting with the hour of bumper to bumper traffic I sat in till dealing with a kid with a rude attitude. Oh well at least now I am home and ready to relax and start reading a new book. Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert, she is the one who wrote Eat Pray Love and I loved that book.
At least there was a beautiful sun rise!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fish Pie Supreme

I made Fish Pie Supreme out of the Edmonds Cook Book! Lets all keep in mind that I have not only never made fish pie before but I have never even tasted fish pie before.

I would have to say that the hard part of making fish pie is that the kitchen is up stairs and the dishes, food, and prep area is down stairs. All the food was mixed and cut up down stairs then hauled upstairs to be cooked. During one of my runs up the stairs I did trip and fall, but no worries I didn't hurt myself, but I did get a good laugh out of the fall.
On a scale of one to ten, 1 being easy to make and 10 being hard I would rate it a 5 because it was very easy, but there were many steps.
On a scale of one to ten, 1 being the worst food you ever ate (and you stopped cause it wasn't worth it) and 10 being the best dinner dish you have ever had, Grant and I decided that the fish pie was a 7. We decided that it was a 7 because it was yummy but quite plain and on further discussion we decided that maybe it should be a plain tasting dish.
On a scale of 1 to ten, 1 being I didn't cook it right and 10 being I cooked it perfectly I give myself a 10 =)
This is a good thing to make if you are on a budget cause all the ingredients are pretty cheap.
So Pretty!
I won't be able to cook any recipes for the next couple of days because I work sorta late but on my next day off I plan to make some afghan cookies (Grants favorite).

Art Art Art

So today my mom and I had a big discussion about my art and what I should be doing and because I really don't want to be a nanny I really need to start figuring out what exactly I want to do! I need to be doing more art and promoting my self better. I think I am going to come up with a goal maybe some event that I will have a booth at, hmmm need to start thinking.

Anyways so far today; I have talked to my own manager (m.o.m.), done the laundry, cleaned, blogged (now) and organized the house. So now it is time to work on some art and then grocery shop.

Yesterday we went to the beach. Grant surfed while I read my book, Bright Lights Big Ass by Jen Lancaster. Honestly I love this book and I loved her other book Bitter is the new Black. I suggest reading them! They are so funny, you know how most books you read you might think hmm this is funny well not this book, this is the book you are reading and it is so funny you actually laugh out loud really loud in one chapter I seriously could not stop laughing and I want to laugh right now just thinking about it. And all she is talking about is this skirt she is wearing ha ha ha.
Anyways it was a beautiful day and we just relaxed on the beach, half way through Crockett and Jasmin met us and after we got some drinks at a Mexican food place (one of the only 2 in NZ).
We have decided to not go back we paid $20 for nachos and guess what came to us a pile of chips with a can of chili con carne poured on it with some of that awful cheese sauce poured on top of that. Not what you would expect for $20! Any who the Margaritas tasted good even though I would make a large bet that there was less then a shot of tequila in each one. We won't be back!

It was a great day, I am glad I decided to walk the 1/2 mile back to the car to get my camera.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hair, Flowers, Art

Saturday we headed out to Mel's place so we could visit, Grant could get a hair cut, and I could deliver the art project I did for them. While Grant got his hair cut I got to play with Ruby! She is so cute and such a well behaved baby. She is at such a great age, cuddly and cute!

Grant's hair looks great Mel did such a good job! I really don't think I have ever seen him with a good hair cut and it really looks nice.

After we left Mel's we went to the Botanical Gardens because it is on the way home. If I lived near this place I would probably go everyday, it is so beautiful and it would be a great place to go for a walk or jog (ha ha me jog that is funny).

Grant loved it too, he got some good pictures for some future paintings he plans to do.
Mr. model

After the gardens we went to the Northcote Art Show. It is amazing how many really great artists there are out there in the local community. We saw some of the same art that we have seen before and really loved. After the art show it was back home for a late lunch, a nap, and
going to babysit from 6 till 11pm.
Today we are not sure of the plan it will either be the beach or a free concert in the park. Both will be fun so I don't care either way.
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