Monday, March 22, 2010

9 Days till Aus

Last night I made the basic biscuit recipe from the Edmonds cook book and they turned out really good. The cookies remind me of a cookie my Grandma use to make called ice box cookies.
( I took pictures but my internet is so Shitty that it won't up load so imagine a pic of a plate full of a heap of tiny brown chocolate cookies)

A few weeks ago I did a drawing of Dean, my cousin Lacey's little boy and sent it to her. Of course he is a little older now.
(again internet is crap so imagine Dean ha ha or check it out on my moms blog )

There are only 9 days left till we go to Australia! I can't wait, it is going to be lots of fun and a good break from the same old routine.


Anonymous said...

It's exciting going on holiday...especially to a different country!!
Our big trip is under 4 months away now and I can't wait!!

Hope all is good on your side of the bridge!!

Take care

Anonymous said...

Brisbane is one of the few major cities in Australia that I've never visited. I understand it's awesome. Please take lots of photos and share them with us on your post-Australia trip blog.

Love ya'...


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