Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Afghan Cookies are Yummy

This morning I got up and made Afghan biscuits (cookies) out of the Edmonds Cookery Book.
The cookies turned out really really good! They are probably the most unhealthy cookies you can eat but the good thing is they are so rich that one cookie is enough. Pretty much they are made out of sugar and butter and cocoa. They were relatively easy to make and the icing for the top was really easy too. The only problem I came across was I used 2 different cookie sheets and one of them made the cookies perfect and the other for some odd reason cooked the cookies but a few of them fell apart when I picked them up? hmmm don't know why. Of course it wasn't a problem because I just ate those cookies so no one needs to know ha ha.

Without icing and below with icing.

They are so yummy

The good thing about making your own food is you see what goes into it and that makes me eat less, knowing its all sugar and butter lol.
Today the plan is get some art sent home, work on staring some new drawings, and tonight baby sitting.


beeswax said...

Oh man, my stomach hurts just looking at them. Probably because I just made some pizza with my new pizza pan from Williams Sonoma. I'll blog about it as soon as my stomach stops hurting.
Love, your Foodie Mom.

Anonymous said...


Love ya'...


Lacey said...

Yesss, we are all foodies now! Those look really good. I wish I was as good as you though, I make something like that and eat at least 5 in a night haha

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