Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And it All Starts Over

Another week has begun! Monday I didn't feel like swimming so I went for a walk. I walked and walked and thought that must have been about 40 minutes, when I arrived home and looked at the clock I saw that it had only been 26 minutes! It felt like I was walking for an hour, maybe I should have gone to swim ha ha. The rest of the day was all the normal stuff; grocery store shopping, worked on some art and cleaned the whole place.

Today Tuesday was my nanny job. All I am going to say is when I am a parent I am going to have strict rules. All this no hitting and no yelling and asking kids what they want all the time and trying to ignore bad behavior and reward them when they do something they should be doing is a bunch of crap if you ask me.
When have you been driving along following all the rules of the road and a cop pulls you over and says good job for driving well here is some money... NOT That does not happen what happens is you do what you are suppose to do and if you don't then you get in trouble!
Some people are smart some are stupid, some are pretty some are ugly, some are fat... you get the idea life is not always fair. The earlier we learn this in life the better off we are.
Good luck when you get to the real world, where everything is not even steven and you are the winner one day and the loser the next.

Anyways lets just say everything that we did today was a major challenge. Now that I have said that I can go read my book and go to sleep to start the whole thing over again. Ta Da


beeswax said...

You are so right. You were never given an allowance (money) for doing what was expected of you, like making your bed and doing your laundry (after 5th grade), cleaning up after yourself and even doing more to help around the house.
It's nice to give a verbal compliment to a kid who is behaving and fun to be around, but not a reward.
Being a nanny is good experience for when you decide to have kids. Hopefully you can stick to your guns, kids tend to break you down.
You can do it, just remember you are in control and you are smarter than them.
Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

My dad "tanned my hide" more than once, and I can assure you that I got the message. While I always got compliments for a job well done, I never got any kind of reward. I'm not saying that I turned out perfect, but I appreciate the grounding that kind of upbringing gave me.

I'm so glad that you recognize the importance of structure and responsibility in children's lives. I'm sure the kids you look after will benefit from the time you spend with them.

Love ya'...


Lacey said...

Sometimes a kid just needs an old fashioned ass kicking! ahahah jk. But you are so right and it sounds like theres gonna be some trouble down the road. Luckily you know what not to do =)

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