Sunday, March 7, 2010

Art Art Art

So today my mom and I had a big discussion about my art and what I should be doing and because I really don't want to be a nanny I really need to start figuring out what exactly I want to do! I need to be doing more art and promoting my self better. I think I am going to come up with a goal maybe some event that I will have a booth at, hmmm need to start thinking.

Anyways so far today; I have talked to my own manager (m.o.m.), done the laundry, cleaned, blogged (now) and organized the house. So now it is time to work on some art and then grocery shop.

Yesterday we went to the beach. Grant surfed while I read my book, Bright Lights Big Ass by Jen Lancaster. Honestly I love this book and I loved her other book Bitter is the new Black. I suggest reading them! They are so funny, you know how most books you read you might think hmm this is funny well not this book, this is the book you are reading and it is so funny you actually laugh out loud really loud in one chapter I seriously could not stop laughing and I want to laugh right now just thinking about it. And all she is talking about is this skirt she is wearing ha ha ha.
Anyways it was a beautiful day and we just relaxed on the beach, half way through Crockett and Jasmin met us and after we got some drinks at a Mexican food place (one of the only 2 in NZ).
We have decided to not go back we paid $20 for nachos and guess what came to us a pile of chips with a can of chili con carne poured on it with some of that awful cheese sauce poured on top of that. Not what you would expect for $20! Any who the Margaritas tasted good even though I would make a large bet that there was less then a shot of tequila in each one. We won't be back!

It was a great day, I am glad I decided to walk the 1/2 mile back to the car to get my camera.


beeswax said...

I'm proud to be your M.O.M.

I love you.

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