Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ch Ch Changes...

So about 3 hours ago I finished the art project I was working on and thought I will quickly head to the post office to get a tube to send it home in. Well you would think that would have been a quick trip but nothing is ever that simple. So I park the car and walk into the post office and I am searching all around for the tubes, which are no where to be found! So I wait in the giant line for about 5 minutes when I decide maybe they are out so instead of waiting any longer I get in my car and drive to the next post office. I search all around and don't see any there either! So I wait in the giant line there only to find out they are no longer using the tubes! How stupid is that now I have to use a triangle box! So time to make a Change.
My mom said put the art in a pvc pipe and then in the box ha ha they charge by weight, that would cost $100 hahahha. I think what I will do is make my own tube out of the mound of card board that is sitting in a huge pile waiting to be recycled (we have forgotten to take out the recycling for the last 2 months). I know I am creative enough to figure something out.

Once I got the packaging I thought I might as well use a gift card that Grant got me for Christmas from paper plus. Now I know this is lame but I have wanted the Edmonds cook book since I moved here last year, so I bought that and because I was going to get that anyways I bought another book that I thought looked good. Committed, is the same author that wrote eat pray love and I really loved that book so we will see if I like this one as much.

As I bought the Edmonds cookery book I thought it would be cool to see how many recipes I can make out of there and I can tell you how it goes on this blog. It can be a sort of copy of the Julie and Julia project accept way less dedicated, more of a once in a while thing.
Anyways Grant just text me that he is on his way home and to start making the pizzas cause we are going to have drinks at Crocketts and Matts, my text back was oh boy.
P.S. One of our flat mates is home sick today and has been moving around a lot up stairs which makes me feel like I live in a tin can yay!


Anonymous said...

I am soooo pleased you have the EDMONDS cook book!!

That book is a kiwi legend when it comes to good ol' fashioned home cooking, pavalova, anzac biscuits, fish pie supreme, mustard sauce(for your corned beef), goes on and on!!

Oh my god it's all the stuff my mum use to cook when I was little, I cook it for my kids and my nana used to cook it for my mum. I think you need one every time I use it, and it is a little something kiwi you soooo need to have!! You have to try the fish pie!!

Enjoy the book!!

Lacey said...

ohhh being the food hog I am, I cannot wait to see what you make =)

Anna said...

Love the Edmonds Cook Books! We have two or three editions and I always try using them for a little extra zing for dinner and desserts too! Goodluck!

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