Thursday, March 4, 2010

The E Channel

I know how lame this sounds but the only channel I tend to watch since I have been in NZ is the E channel! I watch the Kardatians, E News, Kendra, Guiliana & Bill (my new fav) all the reality shows about people who are not even famous hahahaha. I don't watch much tv at all, but when I do turn it on I find that there is nothing interesting on but the E! The news channels here seem to be really a joke I find that on most nights there is a story about a cat or a dog (this is the headline news of the night) I am not sure how a story about a cat or a dog can make the new cut but it does here ha ha.

Anyways this week I have been picking up some extra nanny hours which will be great to have the extra money for our trip to Australia in April. In my extra time I have been working on a watercolor and soon I will be starting the NHRA drawings again.

Today I did not feel like swimming again, which is weird because I love to swim, but I thought why make myself do something that I really don't feel like. Instead I looked at a map and saw where I should walk so that it would equal 30 minutes insead of guessing.
Ok time to finish my painting (I won't be able to post a photo cause it is a gift for someone but I will once I have given it to them).


Anonymous said...

You are so good with you exercising!

I just bought a pedometer, and 10000 steps is the recommended healthy goal. So far today 4753, a wee way to go, should make it if I walk to the local tonight ;o)

As for the news, I guess if dogs and cats are the best (worst) news they can find, NZ must be a pretty good place to be.

Enjoy today, it's so hot, perfect day for a walk :o)

Take care

Shannon Olson said...

You are right that it is nice to watch the news and hear about something that isn't all bad. My mom bought me a pedometer and I tried using it last year. I went for an hour walk and came home to look at how many steps I took and it said 50 ha ha I guess it was broken or I was using it wrong.
Thanks for your comment!

beeswax said...

Are your dogs and cats shooting each other? Mel is right, must be a good place to be.
Love, MOM

Lacey said...

oh man I watch those E! shows too! I cant wait to see Kendra's new episodes. I wish our news was about cats and dogs =)

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