Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks day

Hello and happy St. Patricks day to everyone in the USA. Of course we celebrated our day yesterday, we are one day ahead on everything so how I feel now, a little dizzy from one to many beers is how you, who go out will feel tomorrow ha ha.

Yesterday night was fun, after work Grant and I decided to go out for some drinks and just as we decided he got a phone call from Matt to meet them at the back yard bar. There was the normal group of people and we all hung out and had a few beers. Then we decided to head off to Takapuna where it would be more "happening", anyways we ended up at the same bar that Grant got kicked out of the last time! I was trying to avoid that bouncer that I yelled at lol, but I doubt that he would have remembered me.

Long story short Grant got kicked out again hahhahahahhhahhahah! This time it was not for being drunk it was for having fun. I have figured out that our problem is that we are always standing by the front door right next to all the bouncers who are bored and looking for something to do, if we just stood 10 feet away from the door I doubt there would be a problem.

The incident goes like this: we arrive and have a beer, there is music and everyone is talking and dancing and having fun, Nick now has a tall green hat on and I take and wear it, Nick takes it back, everyone is getting louder and crazier, dancing and having fun, next thing some how I notice Grant is holding a green balloon, then a balloon is floating towards me I hit it into the crowd ha ha, then Grant has another balloon, apparently a rude Asian girl says something along the lines of move to Grant, Asian girl gets balloon popped in face, Grant is pulled out of club, I am tapped on my shoulder and told by Dave that Grant is outside waiting for me ha ha hahahahhaha.
No sweat we just headed next door to the real Irish bar and had more beer there. There was an Irish band and we got to do our river dance impersonation

We took a cab home and laughed the whole way!
Today I am working on art, cleaning, laundry, pretty much the usual. Getting ready for this weekend because I will be working nannying over night! Hope it goes well and no one freaks out (especially me).

Oh yeah also it is the official countdown to our trip to Australia! I am so excited! 13 days!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like your St. Patrick's day was a lot more fun than mine!

Love ya'...


Lacey said...

Too funny! You two will prob. get kicked out until you're old folks =P

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