Sunday, March 14, 2010


Lately I have been irritated! I am not sure if I just have horrible timing or what the deal is? This is what happens; Friday night I say yes to babysitting late, then that same night Grant texts to say there is going to be a house party and that I can come after babysitting. So I bring a change of clothes and show up at the party, but everyone knows that when you show up late and have not been drinking or partying you are on a different level then everyone who has been drinking and partying for hours. So it turned out I had one drink felt like I didn't really fit in and 1 hour later we left and I drove us home.
On Saturday because Grant had been drinking all night he didn't feel like doing anything, well of course I really wanted to do something anything really, he did text his friends but everyone was tired from the party! (this is where if I had family or friends of my own I would just go casually hang out with them) We sat home all day until night when we attempted to rent a movie, but we did not have proof of address???? to get the membership card (what a waste of time).
Sunday rolls around and I have said yes to babysitting Sybilla (which was fun), but when I call Grant to ask him if I should get dinner before I get home or are we making something he is having a grand time with his friends apparently they went mini golfing! This immediately made me feel really really pissed off!
This is the problem I should not care what Grant does and he should be able to live his life but I do care because being here away from all my family and friends has made me rely on him for all my entertainment. Because I have no one else besides him to hang out with I am either with him or all alone! And it gets old doing everything by your self.
I said yes to babysitting over night for next weekend and the other day we get a face book invitation for that same weekend, 2 of Grant's friends are leaving to go overseas for a while and that is there huge blow out going away party! I can not believe that the only weekends I ever book something is the same weekend that there is a party or something going on! When this stuff happens it just makes me want to get on a plane and fly home!!!!!!
It doesn't help living where we do, in pretty much someones garage. On my days off I am at home working on art and so when we sit home on weekends when we should be doing something fun I am in the same friggen house all the time and I hate it!!!!!!!
Anyways enough of me being upset and mad. Here are some photos of Sybilla and I. We went to her swim class yesterday, the park, walked up to the shops for some sushi, watched peter pan and had a good time. She is so cute and courteous, always saying thank you and please.
Serious Reading.
Time to go for a walk and get on with the day!


Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon,

You know you can ALWAYS come visit me!! I can be your big sister remember ;o)

Sybilla has grown so much, and she is such a pretty wee girl.

Take care
& keep smiling :o)


beeswax said...

I feel your frustrations, but sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles. If you hadn't made a committment to babysit, you would not have had anything to do, but since you need the cash-o-la for your soon upcoming trips, be thankful you have the ability to work. So-what about the parties, you will be partying here soon and Grant will be sitting in someone's garage, missing the heck out of you.
there are always ups and downs in life. I miss you a whole bunch and sometimes I get lonely to see you and to laugh like we do. I don't have anyone to laugh with, except Leah, and I miss it. Maybe I need to go to a comedy club.
Sybilla is so cute and grown up. I'm glad you get to spend time with her.
Pretty soon, Love MOM

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