Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So Super Excited!

This time next week we will be in Australia! I can't wait, I am thinking everyday what I will be bringing. Hahahahhaha cause I have never been I don't know what to expect, but what ever I don't bring if I need it I can buy it. I asked Grant this morning "do you think we should just buy some shampoo and shave cream over there?" He looked at me like I was crazy, he doesn't pack or think ahead at all, we are completely opposite. When he visited me in the USA he forgot a tooth brush and deodorant and just about everything he needs, so our first stop was the store to get some. My thinking on the matter is we are almost out of all bathroom stuff so we might as well buy it there rather than buy it here then cart it over, and then I don't have to worry about it exploding in my clothes.
I am so super excited I am going to spend this weekend deciding what I will bring and sorting out what luggage we will take.
Finally the pictures I was trying to show in the last blog up loaded
Here is the drawing I did of Dean
Below are the cookies I made. The top cookie is Grant's special cookie he made hahhaha and Ate.


Lacey said...

Hey Shannon! Thank you sooo much for my picture, I absolutely love it. Last night we showed it to him and said who is this? He said "Dean" then grabbed the picture and kissed himself haha. I am just like you when it comes to packing, I think of everything I might need and even make lists. Bub, well....he can pack for a week with just a grocery bag and not care! Have a great time, I know you will =)

beeswax said...

One week until Australia. Don't forget your camera battery charger. Take lots of pictures. Make lists and more lists.

Hey Mel, I told Lacey about all of us going to Disneyland when you come, and she is good with that. You can comment on her blog, because she knows who you are and is looking forward to meeting you.

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