Thursday, March 11, 2010

When We Were Younger

First off Breaking News! I have started another blog for my car related art!
Please check it out Thanks everyone =)

A few months ago Grant and I were at his dad's house having dinner when I saw this huge box of pictures that I decided to help myself to. I chose a stack to take home and scan and until today I didn't have the energy to scan the pictures. Then I thought hey no one on the blog has seen what we look like when we were young sooooo here it is some pictures from when we were little and a few from when we weren't so little.
I must say we were both very cute kids and very gangly teenagers. Sorry to say I don't have any pics of myself from when I was a teenager or younger cause they are all at home, Thank God!

This is My mom, me and my baby when I was about 2 years.
Here I am at 4 years. What a stylish outfit.

This is exciting we are all wearing pink. Lacey, Kristen, and me.
Here is Grant and his Brother Adam I would guess age 2.

This is such a cute photo I think Grant looks like a beaver.

Here they are on some family trip. Don't they look kinda like they belong on the Muppet show.
Here is Grant's mum Joanne and the Mc Donald's hats.
Here is X-mas morning, looks like they are ready to tackle that new box of Lego's.
Grant is looking upset, maybe its cause he does not have a stick to hold over the fire.
Go mullet Go
This is Classic 80's, check out the matching sweat suits.
Just acting cool.
Right before all his fingers were bit.
Picnic anyone?
Yay Christmas Crackers!!!
Lets torture this baby.
I am guessing Grant is about 20 or 21 here. What lovely long locks!
Here I am with all my college roommates, guessing I am 21.
Here I am at 21 later in the year because that is when I thought it would be a good idea to be very blond. Yikes!
Today so far I have cleaned and done some laundry, blogged and soon I will be starting a CHRR Drawing. Then tonight I am babysitting again. With all this extra babysitting this week I am working about 43 hours, pretty good considering my normal work week is 20 hours.


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