Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Work days

First off, in my last blog I was very irritated and after a conversation with my mom I realized that I just really miss my family and I get very sad and instead of realizing that I am sad I blame everything else. So I had my day of being sad and now I am feeling a lot better. Thanks Mel for the nice comments I think I will take you up on hanging out more often =).

Today I worked and came home to the internet cutting out every 5 minutes (the same thing it did all day yesterday) so I asked them to reset it and so far so good, although its only been about 10 min so far.
I read that someone is trying to get a faster internet cable to NZ and Aus and my vote is the sooner the better, I guess it will cost like 9 million dollars! yikes!

Anyways back to work tomorrow then hopefully getting lots of art work done on Thursday.


Lacey said...

glad you are feeling better! Moving away from everyone is a huge deal and you have been dealing with it really well =)

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