Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Work Weekend

So Friday night Grant and I stayed the night at the people I nanny for's house. The reason for this is it is in walking distance to a few places to eat and drink and we thought it would be fun to be in a different place. So we got take away noodles and walked up to a close bar and had a few drinks. The next morning was good too cause we woke up and used the kitchen to make pancakes yum yum.

Saturday morning I picked up the kids I nanny for and watched them all weekend. I of course missed out on a huge going away party for some friends, but I guess that is what happens every time I say yes to working.

Sunday afternoon when I got home I was too tired to really do anything so I just relaxed.
The internet is still cutting out every 5 minutes and annoying the hell out of me. I have resorted to coming up stairs and plugging the cord right into my computer so now I know it won't cut out while I write this. Honestly now more then ever before I can not wait to move out of here and into some place where we have our own kitchen and internet and a bathroom with a window.

The stress about my immigration continues I didn't really sleep at all last night I just tossed and turned and woke up with a stomach ache, I really hope the FBI clearance comes while we are in Australia. As for today I will definitely be working on art because I won't have the internet when I get down stairs.


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